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Those Website Builders might be killing your SEO dreams

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Yes, they are easy. You need not to spend heaps of bucks on learning those skills around web design anymore. A click, an easy subscription to those easy website builders, and Tada! You now can flaunt your web designing skills to your friends. Too good, but not for your SEO! Why? After all, the Search Engine does not care about how you build a website? Yes, it does not. But what if we tell you that website builders pose risks towards SEO in other ways? Best web design agency Sydney, Australia, do cost some, indeed, but they take care of things that website builders fail to.

These WYSIWYG based builders are easy to use and great for those tenderfeet upon this digital field, but they are terrible for those with long term visions. Here is the why, the how, and the what-can-I-do-about-it.

How do website builders do their web design?

If you have recently purchased a hosting and plan to build a website, you sure might have heard of few of these. They are those simple drag and drop based platforms where you can be a developer on your own. Great! No issues in this. There is no compulsion to not go for those web designing companies. But know that if it will save you some, it will cost you some too.

These drag and drop website builders use certain elements that write the required HTML, Java, CSS, and other necessary scripts for you. This works great for a smaller website, but when things go large and the vision turns long term, there is a problem.

The problem with drag-and -drop builders is that they sort of heap up the elements onto each other. They don't care about what goes on into the script written but what the user sees before him/her. Because it cannot write individual scripts for everyone, it uses premade scripts that their builder starts heaping as you start editing. Suppose you want to add a headline to your page — where a web designer should have done it in a single line, website builders use three-four-five lines in a hierarchy. This costs the speed, the experience, and the ranking.

The villainy of website builders against SEO!

So you live in Sydney and can’t afford that best web design agency (Sydney, Australia) — what are the complications and why?

It drags down on the page speed:

As we saw it earlier that website builders don't consider efficiency into the chart, and this leads to a heap of scripts. Where a single heading alone is taking 3 to 4 times more script, imagine it about a full page or a website. This leads to a tremendously slow loading speed. When we tested the speed of a page designed by a developer against that by a website developer, the results were tremendous. And we easily do see why it is so. When you load a website, your browser loads the scripts and arranges them visually for you. The complexity increases with increased script. This reduced speed lowers the user experience and leads to a lower user retention rate, increased bounce rate, and reduced ranking at last.

You have no access to the code when things go wrong:

A lot of times things go wrong. These technical issues need to be fixated to avoid any search engine penalty. HTML is a language, just as any other language, and to speak to computer in this language you must be aware of it. Using website builders is like going into a country with few well-rehearsed phrases. This works fine to walk through the streets, but what when things go wrong? You'd have no idea about how to listen to the issues and how to respond back. This same happens in SEO and website. When a technical issue happens, you'd have no idea about where to look at and what to do. This thing gets handled easily by web designing companies who stay aware of what they do. Unless you are tight on money, it is always advised to hire a web designing company. A technical issue left ignored leads to warnings, penalties, and even ban at last. If you hire the best web design agency (Sydney, Australia), they take care of every little technical issue to help you realize your SEO dreams. Website Builders provide no technical support when issues arise.

These heap of scripts lead to heap of HTML errors:

And HTML errors are no good for your website. HTML according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) improves the functionality of a website. It is like you are speaking very fine grammar to people. Of course, people might also understand you if you speak a bit here and there, but you might end up getting an adverse image. HTML is also used by search engines to understand what you are and what you offer. If you speak it with errors, chances are that Google or any search engine might end up proscribing you instead of prescribing you. A web design company will take care of these HTML errors with precision.

They limit your choices:

Website Builders are like having someone who stops you from making a home of your choice. Suppose you buy a piece of land, but hire a person who provides you with readymade walls, floors, stairs, kitchens, and a few other things. You speak your desire to the builder that you want a round staircase with Italian styled banister, but the builder denies you. You can't build a home as you desire. This is the same when it comes to SEO. Certain businesses require certain website setups that website builders can't provide. This limits your business.

Should you go for a Website Builder?

We just saw that how website builders hamper your SEO dream. If you can't hire the best web design company(Sydney, Australia) it does not mean that you are never going to gain visitors. You certainly will gain people to much extent upon taking care of the SEO. But when it comes to the edges, you might end up losing. This world has become so much competitive. The stats say that 92% of all the searches do not go to the second page. This speaks on itself about the level of competition. The first steps indeed might be smaller. You might be tight on budgets, or you might need a basic website at the initial level. But as things grow, the demands of business start to grow alongside. Business is like a child — as a child grows, it demands more and more investment onto itself, until it grows much and starts paying you back times fold.
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