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How to Choose a Cowboy Hat-Cheap, Expensive, Straw, or Felt

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Swapping it out is a cinch since you've been wearing the same cowboy hat for so long. Getting your first cowboy hat or just modifying your style may be more challenging to do so. No, I don't think so. Then why not use a straw? Is there a more affordable alternative? It's time to explore these issues.

When shopping for a cowboy hat, there are several things to consider. Choosing the right design and material might be a daunting task nowadays since there are so many options.

How are cowboy hats made?

What is it about cowboy hat that makes us want to wear them? Cowboys and ranchers who ride horses must protect their eyes from the sun's glare by using sunglasses. While cattle churned up dust and sand, cowboys needed protection from sand and debris. The cowboy hat brim is folded up and worn on the wearer's head for rain and sun protection. Wearing a Western-style hat is a practical choice whether you're spending the day on the trail or working in the great outdoors.

Cowboy hats aren't only for ranchers; they're a tradition in America that may be worn regularly or just at special occasions like rodeos and country music concerts. Cowboy hats exist in several materials, including straw and felt, so you don't have to be a cowboy to wear one. If you're looking to add some Old West flair to your wardrobe, these boots are a must-have.

Your cowboy hat is okay as long as you don't go over the top in terms of appearance. You may don a cowboy hat if you wish to appear your best when riding a horse.

When Buying a Cowboy Hat, What to Consider

There are several factors to consider while selecting a cowboy hat. In order of importance, the following are:

  • * The tightness of the garment: We're primarily concerned with the kind of material used (whether it's complex or flexible, straw or felt) when it comes to this.

  • * The price and the way it makes you look when you wear it.

  • * It is crucial to choose a suitable cowboy hat for the event, occasion, or time of year. It's possible to get a cowboy hat in several styles and fabrics.

If you don't need a straw cowboy hat, why get one?

A straw cowboy hat that goes well with your particular style is crucial to a great summer outfit. For those who wish to look and feel relaxed while maintaining a sexy and refined vibe, straw caps are ideal for wearing hats. Because straw is used to make these hats, these hats are light and breezy. They're a fantastic choice for riding during the summer since they don't retain heavy heat from the Sunshine.

Straw hats, which are light and breathable, are ideal for summertime horseback riders and cowboys and ranchers. They'll keep you cool, but they'll also protect you from wind and dust. Sturdier than felt or leather, straw cowboy hats are more affordable and easier to maintain. As a result, the pricing varies from one firm to the next because of these differences.

Before buying the straw cowboy hat, check the quantity of Xs on it. The tighter and the narrower are both weaved, and hence, more X's are present in a hat's construction. Consequently, a 20X hat is superior to a 4X hat in terms of overall performance.

Is It Okay To Wear The Felt Cowboy Hats?

The straw hat is perfect for hot weather because it keeps your head cool while allowing air to circulate. In cold weather, a felt cowboy hat can be more perfect. The cowboy hats were far more arduous and heavy than the straw cousins. In the summer, straw hats are preferable; however, felt cowboy hats offer better warmth in the winter. Depending on the weather, felt hats and straw hats may be worn from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

Cowboy Hats: Cheap vs. Expensive

Many people believe that a cowboy hat should cost a lot of money, while others think that any old hat would do. How can you know which is correct? How did this happen? 

Tips to assist you: Ensure that the tag states "Produced in the USA" since many cowboy hats are manufactured in China or Mexico, so this is crucial.

If you're purchasing a hat for yourself, consider how often you'll wear it. Don't spend $10-$20 or more on a costume if you know you won't wear it again after Halloween.

As a wrap-up, these are some of the most important takeaways.

Cowboy hats are a must-have accessory to remain calm and protect your head from the sun. As a result, they're a must-have while cycling. Straw and felt are the most preferred materials for cowboy hats. Hats made of felt or leather will last longer. There is a wide range of quality and prices for cowboy hats. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

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