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Strategies for Prudent Land Investments

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Several investments are available in the real estate industry. You can buy a developed property or undeveloped land. Still, you can get a house and land package. It depends on your purpose for buying and needs.

Although most people do not know about investing in raw land, the initiative is beneficial. You get a chance of making significant profits if you plan to sell in future. In addition, it is a way of earning revenue on the side, and you do not need to spend a lot of money on the investment. You can search for land for sale in Tarneit, Victoria and invest to benefit from the enterprise. Below are strategies to ensure you make prudent investments;

Speculative Buying

The speculative purchase is a long term initiative that involves buying land and holding it. You can keep the ground because of its rights on various resources, or you are looking for a better offer in the future. Still, you can decide to develop the land later if the area can grow. However, you must pay the taxes as you hold the land and speculate about the future.


Leasing land after purchasing can help you generate passive income. Depending on your agreement, the entity leasing the property will pay for the property every month or year. You will not pay taxes on the land or incur any costs to maintain it.

Buy for Development

It is cheaper to buy undeveloped land than an established one. Although it will take time to develop the property, it ensures you get what you need. You will plan for everything, including the property design, resources and development. However, you have the chance to build the type of property you want. Select between a residential or commercial property depending on your land’s location.


It is a common reason why people buy vacant land. The investment entails purchasing land at a low price and selling at a high rate for profit. You can add value to the property by having the ultimate property rights. Intelligent investors will purchase vast land and subdivide it before selling. You will get better returns when you trade in portions than the entire land.

What are the Benefits?

Below are some of the benefits of investing in raw land;

  • Returns on investments: It offers passive income from leasing and huge profits when you sell. The margins depend on the costs of buying.

  • It is affordable: the cost of buying undeveloped land will depend on its location. It is reasonable to purchase in a place with growth potential.

  • It is a limited resource: since land does not increase, the demand will be high as time passes. You are better off buying land now than later.

  • Requires minimal maintenance: the costs of maintaining vacant land is low. You only need to pay for the annual taxes and landscaping.

  • Less competition: unlike buying a house, there is less competition when purchasing land. However, it would be best to research where you want to buy to get the best deal.

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