Sean Callanan offers independent voice in Collingwood Board election

Collingwood FC board is up for election for the first time in over 25 years. 11 candidates have been nominated for 4 spots on the Collingwood Football Club board. One of those candidates is sports digital pioneer Sean Callanan providing an independent and fresh voice. He understands the ever-changing digital landscape and is connected with the passionate Collingwood members as he sits in the Ponsford stand every week.

Sean Callanan founded Sports Geek after a long career in IT. He has worked with sports teams in Australia and USA helping them connect with fans via digital and social media. "I've been convincing CEOs and boards over the past 10 years why digital is the future. Sports teams with digital knowledge on boards have seen tremendous growth in fan base and engagement," says Callanan.

Callanan is offering to be a voice for the members on the board and bring more transparency and communication to the members and the public. "I feel the implementation of the Do Better report is vital, the members need to see the change with a communication focus towards transparency is needed." Callanan has been discussing issues with members across multiple social media platforms and promises to continue to do so if elected, "My business and reputation have been built online, I'm not going anywhere."

As a sports industry veteran, Callanan knows how sports clubs operate and understands how important membership bases are especially in the AFL. "The AFL clubs are world leaders in developing membership tribes, and Collingwood is a membership business. My focus is to ensure all members feel valued, are engaged and are locked in as Pies fans for life. An engaged Collingwood membership base will drive bigger crowds, exciting matchday experience and ultimately give the club the resources to support all on-field efforts towards success."

Callanan is willing to work with the current board members or any of the nominees, "I'm a team player, I want the best for the club. The best boards are like umpires, you don't notice them if they are doing a good job."

What can Callanan offer the board? "My sports digital and technology experience will allow the club to build a connection from the board, the management team and existing members and ensure the younger generation become Collingwood members." Callanan has family ties to the club with his great-grandfather playing with Collingwood from 1907-1911.

You can find out more about Sean Callanan via his website or social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
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