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A Personal Reflection on 'Ho-Me-I-Ku' and Its Transformative Potential

Hello, I'm Kunio Hara, though some may know or call me Kuni. I want to share with you a vision—a vision of a world where praise becomes the language we all speak, and the act of praising one another is not just a choice but a way of life. My lifelong journey is dedicated to this simple, yet profound idea: "People are born to be praised, and we exist to praise each other." I'd like to take a moment to guide you through the importance of this philosophy and the incredible transformation it can bring to our world. 

The Essence of Praise

Praise is a universal need, one that transcends boundaries and connects us all. It's not confined to children or employees; it's a fundamental aspect of our shared human experience. This vision revolves around celebrating one another not just for achievements but for the journey, the dedication, and the effort. When praise becomes a part of our daily lives, it can foster understanding, empathy, and a deeper connection. 

'Ho-Me-I-Ku': Nurturing a Culture of Appreciation

The 'Ho-Me-I-Ku' method, derived from the Japanese word "Ho-me-ru," embodies the act of wishing prosperity and happiness for others. It's not just about praising for the sake of it; it's about educating individuals to praise and, in turn, raise each other. This is the transformative essence of 'Ho-Me-I-Ku.' 

When implemented within organizations, this approach fosters a culture of mutual appreciation, where employees and leaders acknowledge each other's contributions.

The goal? To make being praised by customers the ultimate aim for all staff members, leading to remarkable improvements in sales and overall business performance. It's not just a feel-good strategy; it's a proven catalyst for increased productivity and results. 

A Global Movement

'Ho-Me-I-Ku' has touched lives in over 20 countries, impacted 500 companies, and reached more than a million people. This method has garnered attention in various forms, from articles to TEDx talks, and featured appearances in prominent publications and broadcasts. Its core message, rooted in the Japanese spirit of nurturing relationships and fostering positivity, has made a global impact. 

The Power of Personal Experience

I believe in the power of praise because it shaped my own life. I was raised by parents who praised me constantly, instilling in me a strong sense of confidence and self-worth. This upbringing gifted me the word "Ho-Me-I-Ku," which became the cornerstone of my mission. It led me to places like Cambodia, where I discovered children who had never received a word of praise, compelling me to act. 

A Light in Dark Times

In a world marked by rising depression rates, economic uncertainty, and social disconnection, 'Ho-Me-I-Ku' offers a glimmer of hope. It's a cost-effective method that empowers individuals to become the agents of positivity they long for. By embracing 'Ho-Me-I-Ku,' we can collectively brighten our world, making praise a way of life, accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. 

Sharing in the Vision

My ultimate dream is to see the world adopt "We are born and exist to praise each other" as a guiding principle. It's a powerful concept that can redefine the way we interact and build a brighter, more connected world. The long-term benefits are profound: greater empathy, improved relationships, and a more harmonious society.

By implementing 'Ho-Me-I-Ku' in our lives, in our workplaces, and in our communities, we can collectively pave the way for a future marked by appreciation, collaboration, and profound understanding. Join me in this remarkable journey to create a world where praise is the norm, and where we truly understand that "People are born to be praised, and we exist to praise each other." 

Together, we can unlock the power of praise and build a brighter future.


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