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Keep ‘em clean: 3 foods to avoid post-teeth whitening (& a few to enjoy!)

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After receiving a professional teeth whitening, the last thing you want to do is immediately spoil it by indulging in the wrong food and beverage! This isn’t a one-off solution; it’s a process, and requires the recipient to undertake little extra homework to ensure that they continue to get the best results from the treatment!

Look, it would be amazing to simply receive the treatment and have wonderfully white teeth, but the teeth whitening process actually takes a few weeks.

So, in the weeks after the treatment, be sure to avoid these three foods and beverages:

  1. Red wine

Red, reeeed wiiine, stay from meeee, should really be your mantra in the weeks following this procedure. Although a drop of vino does come with many health benefits (especially its antioxidants) it can impede on the procedure and stain the new solution. So, if you do need a drop of grapey-goodness in the aftermath of your treatment, ensure that it is of the blanc variety (or just not drink alcohol at all!).

  1. Coffee

This may be hard for many to read, but coffee is another naughty little beverage that should be avoided in the aftermath of this useful procedure. Although coffee helps millions of Aussies get through the morning grind, it can easily yellow your teeth, especially if you drink it pure-sans-milk.

And, if you do have to enjoy a cup to help you up in the morning, be sure to sip a little water after every cafe-sip, as this will help rinse off the acidity that coil easily yellow your shining new solution.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the world’s most wonderfully versatile food types - they can pretty much be found in most of the globe’s cuisines! However, as versatile as these plump little balls of goodness are, they are also very high in acidity, and can easily stain your teeth, especially after receiving a treatment designed to whiten them.

And, look, they may be the basis of a lot of great foods: pizza, pasta, curries, salads etc. but you can be discerning and avoid them in all their iterations in the post-procedure weeks!

Foods you can eat!

Okay, now onto the good news. So, whilst there are a few cheeky goodies that you have to avoid in the weeks following your procedure, there are still a few that you can enjoy guilt-free.

These include:

  • Turkey & chicken

  • Potatoes (although peeled is best!)

  • Egg whites

  • White bread (although best to remove the crust)

  • White cheese

  • Rice

  • Fish

  • White onions

  • Plain yoghourt

  • Plain porridge

  • Raw veggies

  • White fish

  • Pasta

So, whilst it may be a bit of a bummer that you can’t enjoy some of those most wonderful food types mentioned in the original list, there are still so many you can enjoy during this slightly inconvenient period that leads to gold on the other side.

Whilst wine, coffee and the fabulous tomato are gorgeous indulgences, there comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to drop their decadence to create something fantastic.

That, my friends, is a stunning new smile that these cheeky goods were unable to impede upon with all their acidic naughtiness. And, besides, you can still enjoy pasta, chicken and white cheese, so there really isn’t too much to complain about, especially when you consider that in absolutely no time you’ll have a gorgeous new smile!


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