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How Enterprise Architecture Can Benefit Organizations

How Enterprise Architecture Can Benefit Organizations When an organization is going through a major organizational change, digital transformation, or is modernizing its IT department, chances are enterprise architecture is the process that supports those changes. Enterprise architecture is a business approach that manages the relationship between business strategies and IT systems. This allows for organizations to have their IT infrastructure and business goals and strategies aligned. In order to execute and manage the business strategies, enterprise architecture enables the planning, design, and implementation of enterprise analysis. There are quite a few benefits that enterprise architecture has for organizations, here are just a few.

Reduces complications

Complex systems are not easy to manage, and if it’s not easy to manage it won’t do the job as quickly as one would want. With the enterprise architecture framework, this will not be a problem because it was created precisely to combat the systems in organizations that are too complicated. With the right tools, such as BiZZdesign, managing the organizational systems will be a lot more simplified. If an activity or process does not contribute to the organization's objective and just causes complications, enterprise architecture identifies it and stops it.

Standardized processes

Enterprise architecture also aids in standardized processes in organizations. By improving the operational performances, enterprise architecture helps gain additional stability. Standardized processes increase the organization's efficiency while also reducing costs by means of decreased errors and reducing the risks that the organization can come across. The processes and infrastructure of IT can be standardized by enterprise architecture as well, and it can be done quite successfully.

Decreases time that’s been squandered

When enterprise architecture standardizes the tools and processes of IT, they will be fully optimized. This will save the staff in the IT department a lot of time because they no longer will have to detect the source of different problems that can turn into even bigger problems, this will already be done thanks to the enterprise architecture framework, and it’ll be done quicker too. This will then make sure that the valuable time will be put into work that is much more important. 

Cost reductions

If an activity or process in the organization has no benefit, enterprise architecture will swiftly put an end to it. Any process where the outcome brings more costs than benefits will have to go. Many resources and money will be saved because of this, and it can be put to better use, such as optimizing the IT department.

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