How Your Perth WA Property Management Is Preparing Your Investment Property for the Market

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For Perth property owners, having dedicated property managers is a must. They do more than just help manage properties. Your Perth WA Property Management agent also prepares your real estate for the whole process of posting it in the market for sale.

Here are the three things they will do to prepare your property for high-quality tenants.

Professional Perth Property Cleaning

As a landlord, you must keep your investment properties clean.

Based on their contracts, tenants are obliged to leave their Victoria Park rentals the way they received them.

The same principle applies to the following clients. When they see that the place they'll rent is clean, they are more likely to keep it that way.

So if your area is not that tidy, the property manager will have to note this on the condition report.

Again, this is bad for landlords because clients can leave the property the way they received them. So if your space is a mess, they can also leave your home in the same way.

That said, you need to be proactive in protecting your Perth real estate. That's why your property manager will make sure that your area is professionally cleaned.

Sure, it will cost some money as the average cleaning rate is $30 an hour, but you can think of it as one of your investments.

Before the cleaning team does this, though, it will help to do some decluttering. Set aside the stuff you want to save. If not, the agency might end up throwing some of your properties away!

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting details make your West Perth property more attractive to long-term tenants. Not only are they comfortable to walk on, but they also provide insulation and sound control.

So apart from getting home cleaning services, you also need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning company.

While you might think that you can do this yourself, this is best done by agencies. It's hard to remove stains and nasty odours on your own.

An expert cleaner, for one, has all the equipment needed to clean your carpets adequately.

First, they will apply a special loosen that will lift the dirt. They may need to agitate the solution to make sure that the solution goes all the way.

With a high-pressure hose, they will spray hot water to remove the dirt and sterilise the carpet along the way.

Lastly, they will vacuum this water solution mix.

Prices vary according to service. For example, lounge/living room carpet cleaning may cost you anywhere from $40 to $60.

So why do you need to get this personalised service in the first place? The principle is the same as above. Since the tenant has received the carpets clean, they need to keep it this way.

Remember that once you get your real estate carpets cleaned, make sure to give the receipt to your Perth property manager.

Perth Real Estate Maintenance

As a property owner, keeping your South Perth property clean is not your only responsibility. You need to make sure that it's well-maintained as well.

This is why property managers need to have a thorough knowledge of all your maintenance issues. It doesn't matter how small or big it is. You need to resolve them before you lease the property. It's a matter of professionalism on your part.

Just think of it this way: it's hard to give access to contractors once a tenant is occupying your property.

So before you hand your real estate over, you need to check all the aspects of your house.

  • Are the cabinets opening and closing properly?

  • Are the drains, fixtures, and faucets operational?

  • Are the tubs and showers free from water damage? Are there broken tiles that need to be fixed or replaced?

  • Are there light bulbs that need to be changed?

  • Are there door handles/loose toilet seats that need to be tightened?

  • Are the A/C, heaters, and vent working?

  • Are your smoke detectors, circuit breakers, and electric panel in good working condition?

  • Are the painted surfaces in good condition, with no chips whatsoever?

Whatever the problem might be, it's best to manage them right away.

If you're too busy to do this or don't know how to, there's no need to worry. Your property management expert can refer you to a maintenance agency that provides such solutions.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're investing in the metro suburbs or the surrounding suburbs, you need a property management expert. They can help you prepare the things mentioned above and so much more.

Given the many agencies available, it's best to set your sights on a reliable team such as Investors Edge. Known for their integrity, professionalism, and award-winning service, they can turn any property into a very profitable investment.
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