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Gumtree’s Unwanted Gifts Report

  • Written by Gumtree


  • More than half of Australians (53%) received at least one unwanted gift last Christmas.
  • Of those who received unwanted gifts last Christmas, the estimated value of these unwanted gifts on average is $87, equating to $572 million in ‘unwanted’ Christmas spending across the nation. 
  • Australians reported receiving 19.3 million unwanted gifts last Christmas, which is up 8% year on year. 


The most common Unwanted Gifts

  • The most common unwanted gifts are clothes and accessories (20%), self-care items such as beauty products (15%) and household items such as furniture, décor or homewares (9%). 


What we do with Unwanted Gifts

  • One in three (34%) Australians re-gift their unwanted gifts to someone else.
  • Over 2 million (13%) still throw unwanted gifts in the bin. 
  • Only 15% of Australians sell their unwanted gifts for cash
  • Two in five (40%) people admit to still having their unwanted Christmas gifts lying around.


Selling Unwanted Gifts

  • Savvy Australians who sold unwanted gifts last Christmas injected $322 million into the Australian economy from the sale of unwanted Christmas goods alone. 
  • For those that sell their unwanted gifts, half (49%) sell them in the new year, 13% sell them right away, 6% sell them on Boxing day and 19% sell them at some point in the holiday season.


Reasons for selling Unwanted Christmas Gifts

  • For half (51%) of Australian adults, the main driver for selling is because they believe someone else can get more use from the item. 
  • Other Australians sell unwanted gifts to buy something else they would like (38%), to start the year with some extra cash (18%) or to fund a holiday (8%). 
  • Minimalism (28%) and embracing conscious living and environmental sustainability (23%) are also reasons why Aussies sell unwanted Christmas gifts. 


Who is giving Unwanted Gifts and why?

  • The main culprits for giving unwanted gifts are friends (31%), parents (21%) and work colleagues (21%). 
  • Of those who have given someone an unwanted gift, four in ten (42%) say it was because they did not know the recipient’s individual style or taste and one third said it was due to financial factors such as having a limited budget (33%).


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