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9 Signs It’s Time To Call A Professional Plumber

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In most households, plumbing problems typically occur every now and then. Some might only require a quick fix, but some might require a professional’s help. 

Specific plumbing problems are too extensive to handle without the right skills and experience. The damage might escalate to a severe point by failing to call a professional when it's necessary.

Here are some of the indications that it's time to get in touch with a professional plumber:  

1. Drainage Backflow

The drains should work in one direction, but it might be a sign of a severe plumbing problem that requires immediate attention if yours is working in both ways. The backflow in your drains has various causes, usually due to blockage in the sewer line.  

The professional might need to take an augur to your sewer line to deal with the blockage in most cases. The cause of this issue is flushing items down the drain or toilet.

Sadly, this can be unsanitary and a complex issue in your plumbing system. Calling a reliable plumber Inner West, if you live within the area, is the best move to make for timely management of this problem.

2. Flooding Of The Basement

The basement can flood due to various reasons, and once it occurs, every second counts. If you allow the problem to linger, the more damage your home sustains. Get in touch with a professional plumber right away to make sure that the water damage won’t go out of hand. 

3. Lack Of Water

One of the clear indications of a plumbing issue that requires a professional is not having any water, or the water pressure is significantly low. Generally, it's a sign of a severe problem with the water line or the water main in your home. If you aren't familiar with the plumbing system in your home, it's best to call a professional to handle the job.

4. Foul Odour

Get in touch with a plumber if you notice an undesirable odour similar to sewage and waste originating from the drains. The scent originates from sewage gas that accumulates in the pipes once they're clogged up. Aside from the unpleasant smell, it can be harmful to the health of your household.  

5. No Hot Water

When the water takes time to warm up, there might be an issue with your water heater. Depending on the root cause, it can be a minor issue or a serious one. Although pilot lights go out most of the time, there might be a drip or other problems if they go out constantly.  

In some cases, the hot water might not last if the tank isn’t large enough. Consult a plumber to help determine the ideal tank size and have it installed. Additionally, the plumber can also guide you on inspecting the breaker and other issues that can cause concern, such as a potential gas leak.

6. Leaking Or Dripping Faucets 

Although you might find a small leak from your faucet now and then, you should consider it as one of the issues that might have a more significant underlying issue. Remember that there are different reasons why your faucet is leaking, such as poor installation, cracks in the pipes, poor connectors, or build-up of pressure. A professional plumber can readily tackle any of these problems. Once you find a leaking faucet in your home, don't allow it to worsen further.  

7. Low Water Pressure

One of the problems that require a professional is low water pressure. Consider it as a red flag for an underlying plumbing problem. In most instances, it might be due to leakage or a crack in the piping. If you ignore this issue, it can result in significant water damage and waste a large amount of water, leading to a skyrocketing monthly energy bill.  

8.High Utility Bills

Most homeowners have an expected range on their monthly water bills. However, if there's a significant increase in your water bill, without changes in your water consumption, it might be an indication of a plumbing problem.   

9. Frozen Pipes

During the winter season, a common plumbing problem for many homeowners is frozen pipes. When you suspect a frozen pipe, don’t hesitate to call a professional right away. A professional can capably handle the issue, especially if the pipe cracks or bursts. A burst pipe can result in extensive water damage to your home.  


Plumbing issues will always be part of life. Some only require a minor fix, but there are instances in which a plumbing issue requires the attention of a professional plumber. Once these signs of issues with the plumbing in your home occur, get in touch with a professional right away. It's the best move to make to prevent water damage, as well as keep your family and home safe and sound.  


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