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5 Aisles of Fresh Seafood: What You Need to Know

  • Written by Carlo

If fresh seafood is on your family’s menu this week, you have come to the right place! We will be talking about 5 aisles of fresh seafood that you need to know. Quality fresh fish and shellfish can make for an enjoyable mealtime experience; however, it can also get expensive if not carefully selected. If you are going to buy fresh seafood, here are five things you should keep in mind.

How Fresh Is It?

If you order seafood through seafood delivery in Sydney, and the product smells fishy or looks like it has been sitting out for too long, then don’t buy it. It doesn't matter how fresh the rest of the items are in the case! Fish and shellfish that haven't even been on ice can have bacteria present from improper handling at processing facilities. The smell will be strong enough to make you gag and your stomach turn inside out.

What's The Price Per Pound? 

The fresh seafood in our stores are priced by weight (lbs). Depending on where you shop, there may be different prices for fresh fish and shellfish; however, it’s always best to buy fresh seafood at a store with low sale pricing. It can save your family money if they're on a budget during these tough economic times! If you find cans or boxed goods that look like fresh seafood but have been processed, then don't buy them because canned products typically aren't as nutritious as fresh fish.

How Fresh Does It Look? 

You might think this is an obvious one so let me just say "really?" How many times do we buy fresh seafood and it's gone bad by the next day? Fresh fish should have a fresh smell with lots of color, not looking pale or brownish. Shellfish like crab can be tough to judge freshness because they are usually cooked before being served; however, if you're buying live crabs then make sure their shells feel hard and well closed.

What Type of Fresh Seafood Am I Looking For? 

The best way to buy fresh seafood is based on what meal you want to cook! If your family loves shrimp cocktail sandwiches then that might mean checking out our frozen foods section (yes we sell those too!) instead of purchasing fresh ones from the refrigerated case. In addition, there is no need to buy frozen vegetables when people are on a budget!

Is Fresh Seafood Worth the Price Tag? 

This should be your last question when buying fresh fish and shellfish. If you have to purchase it with food stamps, then that would definitely affect this answer for someone else. There are many different prices at stores; however, if it looks really fresh and smells good then go ahead buy it because quality fresh seafood is always worth every penny spent!

In conclusion, fresh seafood is great for a fresh mealtime experience; however, they can be expensive if not carefully selected. Quality fresh fish and shellfish should smell fresh with the right color to ensure it's still fresh. It’s always best to buy fresh seafood at stores that have low sale pricing but also make sure the quality of fresh seafood doesn't outweigh your budget!


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