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Violet Crumble Espresso Martini

Violet Crumble and Feminaè Beverage Co Come Together for a Truly Shattering Twist on the Espresso Martini. 

It’s the way the Violet Crumble espresso martini is shattered, not stirred, that matters. 

After a year brewing, Violet Crumble, and luxe beverage company Feminaè Beverage Co have come together for a truly shattering creamy twist on the espresso martini. 

Up your winter cocktail game with Feminaè Beverage Co’s Violet Crumble Espresso Martini - blending the unmistakable Aussie Violet Crumble honeycomb flavour with a luxuriously rich blend of cold drip coffee made in Melbourne, premium quality vodka and smooth Australian cream. 

Presented in beautifully designed art deco packaging with rose gold detail, each Feminaè Beverage Co’s Violet Crumble Espresso Martini comes with a 30gram Violet Crumble bar to shatter as a garnish over the cocktail for a uniquely explosive party-starter or after-dinner treat. 

The ready to drink 2-litre Feminaè Beverage Co Violet Crumble Espresso Martini serves 24 standard drinks and will be available to purchase from Monday 25th July at 2pm (AEST) for RRP $79.90 from while stocks last. 

With a very limited number of this earth-shattering cocktail on offer, Aussies will need to get in quick before this once in a lifetime flavour sensation disappears.

Known for unique yet famous flavour combinations, Feminaè Beverage Co previously launched Pink Grapefruit Gin, Passionfruit and Pavlova Cosmo and Cheeky Peach Gin but this Violet Crumble Espresso Martini is set to be the most famous of the brand to date. 

Adele Barbaro, founder of Feminaè Beverage Co said, “We’re so thrilled to partner alongside one of Australia’s most iconic confectionery brands, Violet Crumble. We’ve worked very closely over the last year to create a delicious and indulgent product that I know Aussies will love.” 

“An espresso martini is almost as iconic as the famed Violet Crumble. Bringing these on-trend flavours together with Feminaè Beverage Co, is just another way to enjoy your favourite chocolate and honeycomb treat. We love surprising our fans with new and exciting ways to enjoy Violet Crumble,” said Phil Sims, CEO of Menz Confectionery. 

For PR enquiries, please contact Flourish PR. 

Nevada Fontana | Account Director | 0437 051 086 

Stacey Pinchbeck | Managing Director | 0412 362 555 

Who are Feminaè? 

100% Australian owned and crafted in Melbourne, Feminaè is seriously passionate about great spirits, delicious cocktails and good times. 

Established in 2020, Feminaè launched with a signature 'Pink Grapefruit' Gin immediately gaining cult status from Gin lovers across Australia. Shortly after, Feminaè dropped an ultra limited ‘Disco’ Gin in collaboration with Aria nominated pop star; DJ Havana Brown, selling out in minutes. From ‘Passionfruit and Pavlova’ Cosmo to its Iconic Abbie Chatfield ‘Cheeky Peach’ Gin, luxe beverage company Feminaè is always ready to serve up drinks to the fierce and fabulous! 

Who are Menz? 

Menz is making life sweet, and is an award winning fourth generation family owned business with over 170 years of tradition. Today Menz is one of the country’s largest Australian owned confectionery businesses and the largest manufacturer of Choc Honeycomb. Menz produces over 100 products including the National Trust Heritage listed and iconic Menz FruChocs, Crown Mints, JeliChocs and is the new home of Australian Icon, Violet Crumble and Polly Waffle. Menz currently exports to the USA and throughout Asia.


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