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Global data crowns our top 10 favourite pancake toppings

Over the past two years, a lot of us have tried our hands at home baking (be it successfully or not). So it comes as no surprise that according to Google Trends data, interest in Pancake Day reached its highest ever peak in 2021!

With Pancake Day now close on the horizon, online cake shop Jack & Beyond wanted to dig deeper, and find out what the world loves to put on their pancakes.

According to the gathered data, Syrup is by far our favourite pancake topping, with a huge 41,800 average searches per month! Second place is chocolate chips (24,600), and third is Nutella (20,440). The Italian chocolate hazelnut spread has seen its popularity soar in recent years, and if you’ve tried it on pancakes then it’s easy to understand why. Its versatility is what truly sets it apart as the ideal pancake topping! 


Pancake Topping

Av. Global Monthly Search Volume



Chocolate Chips








Lemon & Sugar






Ice Cream


Whipped Cream



Jack and Beyond’s top tip:

 How about filling your pancakes with Nutella instead of just spreading it on top? You can infuse the batter before cooking for a gorgeous marble effect. Or try adding a spoonful to the pancake batter once half is in the pan, and pour more of the mixture on top for a pancake that’s full to bursting with chocolate!❞  - Jack & Beyond


Savoury favourite bacon takes fourth place (16,930 searches), followed by the more traditional strawberries (10,320 searches), with lemon & sugar next with less than 5,000 searches, a substantial drop.

Eggs (3,280 searches) and salmon (2,520 searches) follow in all their multiple iterations. But what is perhaps surprising is that they rank higher than conventional sweet options ice cream (2,130 searches) and whipped cream (1,850 searches). 


You’ll find a high-res graphic illustrating global data for popular pancake toppings, as well as full data (global as well as UK, US, Canadian, and Australian) HERE for your use. 



·         Online cake shop Jack and Beyond was keen to find out the most popular pancake toppings in the world.

·         Through the use of online analytics tools, Ahrefs and SEMrush, Jack and Beyond created a seed list by identifying the top 10 most googled pancake toppings over the past 12 months. 

·         Average monthly search volumes were then collected for each topping. This was accomplished by using search phrases such as ‘on pancake(s)’, ‘pancake(s) with ’ and ‘__ pancake recipe’, for each topping. 

·         These search volumes were collated and all toppings were then ranked from highest to lowest.

·         Data collected on 8/2/22 and is therefore subject to change.


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