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Simple Ways to Save Money Around the Office

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No matter if you’re starting a company or are on a very limited budget or if you’ve been in business for ages, you always need money in order for your business to be able to operate properly. However, if you think you might be overspending in certain areas or are finding yourself short on funds, it’s time to look for simple ways how you can save some money around the office. Read on for a few useful tips.

Choose energy-efficient lighting fixtures

One way to cut down on your expenses is to use less electricity. You can do that by installing the right lighting fixtures. For example, getting motion sensors that will ensure lights are activated only when someone is in the room means that no lights will be on in empty rooms. Another method of lowering your overhead costs is by replacing all bulbs with LED models. These are slightly more expensive but will last you significantly longer and lower your energy use.

Get equipment that uses less electricity

You can further reduce your overhead by choosing equipment that needs less electricity. For instance, provide each employee with a laptop instead of a desktop computer as the former can use up to 90% less energy. Depending on what other equipment you might need, try looking for energy-efficient models that will also use less electricity in the long run. Moreover, implement the practice of unplugging equipment that is not being used as even turned off devices use energy.

Buy second-hand items

While getting newer, energy-efficient models is recommended when it comes to certain pieces of equipment, there are also instances where you can save money by opting for previously-used items. For example, there might be no need to get brand new desks and chairs, storage cabinets, and other furnishings. You can find pieces in near-mint condition by looking in second-hand shops or frequenting going-out-of-business sales. It’s easy to get everything from lamps to carpets if you know where to look.

Know how to save when purchasing supplies

Another area where you have the opportunity to save some money is supply acquisition. For starters, you can include the policy of sharing certain office supplies. That way, you will not have to buy a pair of scissors for every single employee but just a few pieces for the company that everyone can share. Then, when ordering other supplies like pens and papers, you can consider ordering in bulk. However, it’s also important that you know that the bulk approach doesn’t work for all supplies. Some items you will simply not use and they might even go to waste or you might not have anywhere to store them.

Save money when printing

If your company deals with a lot of documents, sometimes doing everything in digital form is simply not enough. As you have to use the printer regularly, it’s always good to look for ways how you can cut down on your printing costs. First of all, an ink-efficient printer is always recommended as you will not spend too much money on ink. In addition, while it’s better to turn off some devices between uses, printers actually use ink every time they boot up so turning them on and off can result in ink waste. Lastly, you should also adjust your printing settings. Sometimes, there is simply no need for you to produce high-quality prints and waste ink and money on a draft.

Cut costs on phone calls

Something else you can do is opt for VoIP instead of a traditional phone for your phone calls. This internet-based option is a bit more expensive to implement but it will save you money in the long term. As the running costs are significantly lower, VoIP is a great way to save some money, especially if you often make long-distance calls.

Look for more affordable ways of advertising

Advertising can oftentimes take a big chunk out of your budget. With that in mind, you should consider some more affordable ways of advertising. For example, online advertising can be cheaper than producing a TV or radio ad. Then, you can also make the most of your offline efforts by sending promotional flyers and brochures alongside invoices and receipts. That way, customers will see your offer and you will not have to pay for the process of sending your advertising materials separately.

Consider outsourcing certain tasks

Last but not least, you can also think about outsourcing certain tasks around the office. From having a few remote employees to hiring other specialized companies to handle HR and IT, there are many ways you can cut your overhead costs simply by having fewer people around. You will not need a huge office that comes with high bills and you will not spend as much electricity.

When looking to save some money around the office, it’s good to know that there are various methods you can turn to. From being energy-efficient to outsourcing, see which approaches work for you.
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