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Things you need to know about certificate iii in mobile plant technology

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Certification is very important for all types of work in the industry. To succeed in the field, you need to complete the certification in the required field that you opt for. You can keep industrial technology working at peak capacity with certificate iii in mobile plant technology. In the certification course, you will work on earthmoving and industrial equipment, learning how to repair, diagnose, test and maintain those systems and components. You will also learn the importance of workplace safety skills, and you will be prepared for life in a real auto workshop or out in the field. Here is everything you need to know about certificate iii in mobile plant technology. 


Certificate iii in mobile plant technology is the nationally accredited course that is the key to enjoying a career maintaining and repairing big rigs, high powered engines and mega machines. If you complete the certification, you will become a qualified mobile plant mechanic and stay one step ahead of technology in this rapidly expanding industry. Certificate iii in mobile plant technology is a full government subsidised jot trainer course. In this certification course, you will work with hydraulic and power shift transmission systems and learn a skill in welding, thermal heating and cutting. Certificate iii in mobile plant technology is delivered as an apprenticeship. 

Job roles and employment outcomes

This course prepares you to work in the automotive service and repair industry with an expert in mobile plant technology, and you will gain on-field experience. Certificate iii in mobile plant technology prepares new employees and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive, heavy vehicles service. Job related to the qualification of mobile plant technology includes:

  • * Mobile plant technician
  • * Diesel fitter
  • * Mobile plant mechanic

Job description similar to mobile plant technician includes

  • * Plant operator
  • * Manufacturing technician
  • * Process operator
  • * Chemical process operator
  • * Instrument technician

Required skills

Communication skill

Good communication is very important for 

  • * Completing and maintaining workplace reports
  • * Interpreting the needs of customers
  • * You need to communicate with colleagues and clients to handle verbal enquiries like clarifying instruction and responding to requests for information.
  • * Contributing to workplace procedures


It is an important skill for 

  • * Determining problems needing priority action
  • * Taking action to resolve concerns
  • * Seeking information and assistance as required solving problems
  • * Recognising a workplace problem or potential problem and taking action


Self-management is an important skill for 

  • * Recognising limitations and seeking timely advice
  • * Planning own work requirements, setting own work program and managing time to complete the work on time
  • * Following workplace documentation like codes of practice and operating procedures

Some other skills are teamwork, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising, learning and technological skills. 

Wrapping up

By completing the certificate iii in mobile plant technology course, you can lead a bright future as a mobile plant technician, mobile plant mechanic etc. During the certificate iii in mobile plant technology course, you will be completely trained by the professional during the course in the real field environment. Furthermore, on successful completion of this course, you can find employment in various fields. 


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