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2023 Christmas Gift Guide

The Merry Christmas Bag, $40

Don't know what to get someone for Christmas?

1 x 180g Milk Raspberry Licorice

1 x 180g Milk Hazelnuts

1 x 65g Milk Rocky Road

1 x 65g Dark Rocky Road

1 x Milk Fruit n Nut Block


The Christmas Bag, $25

To me, love me:

1 x Bag of Milk Chocolate Freckles

1 x Milk Rocky Road

1 x Milk Honeycomb Block

1 x Milk Strawberry Block

The Pizza Wheel, $37.50 small, $47.50 large

The Pizza Wheel is one of the most popular Christmas gifts. You can choose dark, milk or white chocolate , with a range of toppings including marshmallows, organic smarties and chocolate freckles.

Small Pizza Wheel

Approximately 22cm & 800gm

Large Pizza Wheel

Approximately 28cm & 1kg


Frosty’s Favourites Hamper, $40

The perfect fruit and nut combination for a Christmas treat:

180g Dark Sultanas

180g Milk Almonds

6 x Milk Coconut Roughs

Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree

65gm Milk Rocky Road


About Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

Located at the restored Junee Flour Mill in Junee in NSW the factory produces a growing range of innovative, certified organic confectioneries. Operated by Green Grove Organics, a family operated farm based enterprise that has been practising organic farming since 1962. Green Grove holds Level “A” Organic Certification. 


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