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What is truly anonymous dating and where you can find it

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Anonymous dating — how not to worry about your privacy

Staying anonymous while dating sounds quite strange. However, we are talking about online dating when everyone can easily be tracked online and this is not the most pleasant experience when anyone can access your data and personal information on the Internet. 

Naturally, you won’t be able to stay confidential all the time when being in touch with someone. However, many websites allow you not to worry about your personal details being accessed by intruders. You should know what to pay attention to when dating to be safe. How to reach anonymous dating and keep your privacy? We will try to find it out right now.

What does anonymous dating mean?

Of course, it does not mean that you are wearing a mask so that a person in front of you couldn’t see your face and would never be able to learn who you are. This may happen only in movies. In real life, everything is a little bit different. We live in the era of modern technologies where people prefer meeting each other on the Internet. You know that the network collects your data and stores it. Providing your information on any dating website or social media is never safe.

For that reason, looking for a dating website where your data can be truly safe is a must. We will tell you at once — it is not that easy. Anonymous dating means that you may remain private until you agree to disclose your data to anyone. It may refer to anything, including showing your photos to the public online, disclosing your contact information, real name, etc. Let’s see what you can do to stay private when dating online. 

Pick only reputable anonymous dating websites

A dating website, chat, or app can be both safe and dangerous. To stay confident while dating and not get trapped, it is crucial to choose a very reliable provider. Here are a few tips on how you can do that to avoid problems with other online dating website users.

Search for users’ reviews

If the website appears on the top of search engines, it still doesn’t mean it is trustworthy. You should spend a few minutes and see what other users think about this dating site. Testimonials on the website may not tell you much because they can be fake. It is better to read reviews on Trustpilot or other similar platforms. See if people are happy with this website and what they say about their privacy. Those opinions must not be 100% positive, however, at least 70% of them must be. 

Check rating

The rankings of anonymous dating websites can be checked also on such platforms as Sitejabber or on other platforms where you can find overviews by unbiased experts. Conduct a short investigation online and find them. It won’t take much of your time and will be very easy. 

Make sure the website has any success stories

Success stories are a good example of the website's work. If it helps people connect, it is quite trustworthy. 

Read Terms and Conditions

This is a must if you want to date anonymously. See what exactly the rules on the platform are. Do this before you start using the website to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. 

Check Privacy Policy

If confidentiality matters for you, checking the Privacy Policy is a must. This is one of the most crucial things that will ensure your safety. Once again, it is recommended to do this before you ever become a member of anonymous dating sites. 

Avoid free anonymous dating platforms

When it comes to privacy, free chats and dating sites are the worst on that matter. Paid dating services:

  • * Guarantee your data is not disclosed to third parties;
  • * Are encrypted which prevents data leaks;
  • * Do not show your profile to other members;
  • * Make a background check of their members. 

The temptation of subscribing to a free anonymous dating website is huge. However, if you plan to stay safe and confidential, avoid providing your data to such portals. First of all, they do not guarantee any privacy, secondly, they are hardly encrypted and cannot ensure the security of your personal information. If any problems arise, you will hardly be helped by anyone. If you do not pay, you cannot complain. No one cares about your issues.

Some more tips for anonymous dating

Now, as you know that it is necessary to pick a reliable dating provider, you should also realize that scammers and intruders may be met even on such dating websites. Here are a few more tips that will help you save your anonymity on any of the anonymous dating websites and apps.

Do not share your contact details too early

Confidential websites usually do not allow the exchange of contact information until certain moments. Many people are irritated by that and try to break the rules in all possible ways by sending their Whatsapp or email through a message on a site as soon as possible once they like someone. You should not be angry about such restrictions. The websites just take care of their reputation and do that for the members’ safety. You should get to know the person well before you give your personal details to make sure the behavior is not suspicious. 

Have a video contact before you provide your contact details

Giving your phone number to unknown people without even seeing them on video is not wise. If there is a chance to see a video presentation, do that. If the website offers video chats, you should not neglect this chance. Scammers often use someone else’s photos to create profiles on dating websites. Making sure the person is real and looks like in the profile pictures would be a good idea. 

Appoint meetings in public places

If you meet someone from a website for the first time, avoid dating in a quiet place where no one can see you although your new crush insists it would be romantic. The first date is always better to take place in a crowded place. 

Do not give anyone your address or credit card details

No matter how good the person on the other side of the screen seems to you, never give your address and especially, the details of your credit card or bank. Intruders are very good manipulators and can abuse your kindness. It is recommended not to trust their sad stories either. 

No matter what place you choose for dating, always be careful. Such websites as Sofiadate, for instance, keep men’s full privacy by not showing their photos and other information on their website. It means you can stay absolutely private until you decide to share your profile with ladies. Other men will not be able to see your profile at all. Enjoy the benefits of anonymous dating with SofiaDate!

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