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Sunny days: 5 fantastic spring activities for seniors

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The Australian winter can be a frightful thing: icy mornings, grey days and plenty of rain to go with them. Thankfully, this makes spring all the more enjoyable, as we can look forward to warm days ahead and plenty of fun in the sun!

This is also a great time of year for senior citizens to get out and enjoy some of the activities they may have missed in the frosty months. Quality aged care community services help seniors enjoy the following:

  1. Gardening

Because who doesn’t love getting out into the garden, planting new fruits, vegetables and flora, or simply just keeping it nice and neat for our own enjoyment? Not only this, but gardening is incredibly good for a senior citizen’s health, helping improve their mobility as well as being good for their mental health. If the senior’s mobility is limited, you might want to consider a potted plant garden or a raised garden bed so that they don’t have any trouble reaching around and planting new seedlings!

  1. Head out for exercise

Winter makes it pretty hard for anyone to exercise, and this is why spring is so great, as it gives us the opportunity to get back outdoors and enjoy our exercise in the open air. Whether it’s jogging, lawn bowls, outdoor yoga or even just going for a nice morning stroll, there is no better time of year to get out of your living room exercise routine and enjoy some fun exercise in the open air!

  1. Head to the farmers market

Spring is the time where you can expect to find some wonderful delights to add to your weekly cornucopia, so why not head down to the local farmers market and see what goodies they have available? This is a great way to get out and about whilst being social amongst the local community. Of course, you will want to be COVID-cautious, as farmers markets can be a little crowded, but they are a great opportunity to enjoy some carefree socialising amongst some yummy delights!

  1. Head to the beach

New South Wales is known for its stunning beaches, and they truly come alive in this most exciting time of the year. We Australians tend to forget about the beach when the year’s cold months come down, but are always thrilled to get back out there as soon as we have the opportunity. Whether swimming or just going for a walk along the promenade, spring is a great time of year for seniors to go to the beach as it hasn’t quite picked up to toasty summer conditions and this also means they will be less crowded!

  1. Head out with the family

Everyone is always in a better mood post-winter, and so why not pick up the socialising by seeing our most beloved relatives? Whether going out for brunch, going to the park to spend quality time with the grandkids or simply going for a walk around the neighbourhood, spring is a wonderful time to get back out and see loved ones that you may have seen less of in the months of home hibernation.

These are five fantastic spring activities to enjoy with the elderly, ensuring they can both socialise and keep their mind and body active after what could have been a few months of more sedentary living! From swimming to yoga, lawn bowls to gardening, there are so many awesome activities for aged people to enjoy when the sun comes out and the flowers are in full bloom!

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