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10 Important things to know about moving to Sydney

Do you want to start a new life in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney as a resident of Melbourne? Before moving to Sydney, hire Melbourne to Sydney removalists. Also, prepare yourself and read our list of things you need to know before moving to Sydney.

  1.   Don't forget your sunscreen

Full of surf, sand, sea and sun, summer in Sydney is without a doubt fantastic! Although you're used to some sun, the ozone layer is particularly thin in Australia. That means more harmful UV rays hit the ground and there's a much greater risk of getting sunburned. Take care of your skin! Put on sunscreen every day and use a high factor that blocks UVA and UVB rays, keep it in your bag to replenish throughout the day.

  1.   Learn the slang

You will quickly learn that in Sydney words get shorter and with a “y” or an “o” at the end. Let's look at some examples: “afternoon” becomes “arvo”, “barbeque” becomes “Barbie” and “flip flops” becomes “thongs”.

  1.   Choose a beach

Are you a Manly surfer or a Bondi beach slacker? Sydney has so many wonderful beaches around it. Some big, some small, some perfect for surfing and others ideal for calm swimming. But two of the city's most iconic beaches have a great friendly rivalry with each other. Go to Bondi and Manly beaches and choose your favourite.

  1.   Choose a place to live

For cheaper rooms and a youthful atmosphere, take a look at Sydney's younger suburbs like Newton, Kingsford and Enmore. If you're moving to Sydney from Melbourne, hire Melbourne to Sydney removalists and find a room there. In addition, winter in Sydney can also be quite cold, so look for a place with good central heating and double glazing. And don't forget that your university or school can also help you find a home.

  1.   Study your health insurance

Permanent residents have access to Australia's free healthcare system. This is also applicable for temporary visitors from some countries such as the UK and New Zealand. Overseas students in Australia must have international student health insurance (OSHC) that covers consultations, some hospital treatments and some prescriptions. Talk to your university or school when planning your study abroad program to help you with your insurance.

  1.   To move

Sydney's public transport system consists of buses, trains, underground and some ferries. There are several applications like AnyTrip or Citymapper that can help you plan your route. You can pay for your trips with your ATM card contactless or buy an Opal card. You can buy this card at most newsstands or tobacconists and load it on your mobile via the app. Travel with the Opal card is usually cheaper.

  1.   Purchase a local SIM card

Instead of paying each time you use your mobile, buy an Australian SIM card when you arrive to facilitate communication with your family and friends. You can see SIM cards with 10 GB of data on OVO or Vodafone, for example, or tariffs with international calls on Telstra.

  1.   Crossing the street outside a crosswalk is an infraction

Crossing the street from a crosswalk or in traffic can result in a fine. If you are caught crossing the street of a crosswalk in New South Wales, be prepared to pay $75!

  1.   Don't forget to leave Sydney

Downtown Sydney can be a bit of a concrete jungle, but you have plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the nature of New South Wales while you're here. Go for a walk through the Royal National Park and look at the coast, for example. You can either go by car or take the Illawarra train line.

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages

Australian drinking laws are pretty strict. In addition to the government requiring a special license for those who work in bars, restaurants and other establishments that sell alcoholic beverages, it is also prohibited to consume this type of beverage in public places. The sale is also limited to specialized stores, called “bottle shops” here. You will hardly find any kind of drink in supermarkets and convenience stores other than these stores.

Also, the sale of cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarettes are also quite restrictive or illegal. In some states, such as Queensland and New South Wales, smoking is not permitted on beaches. 


These are ten things you should know before moving to Sydney. In addition, it is important to know some of the main laws of the country so that you do not break any country rules and your stay is smooth and uneventful. We recommend that you also find out about the local laws of the city and state where you will live during your exchange. This is a very efficient way to avoid unforeseen expenses or even some other type of problem.

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