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Collector's Dream: 10 Retro Cars

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The modern automotive industry is actively developing. There are an incredible number of different vehicles on the market. It is difficult even to imagine the fact that there are machines that are quite hard to find on the world market.

The first thing that comes to mind is saving. After all, you want to collect money in order to get the treasured rare model, which all people on the street will look back at, and other motorists will burn with envy. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make such a purchase. Since some cars in very rare cases can be found among those for sale.

10 rare cars

Let's get acquainted with the most worthy representatives of rare cars:

AS 3000 IU. The AC manufacturer became popular because of the Cobra machine. Models from this manufacturer have had a long career in racing. The latest brainchild of the company was the 3000 IU model. Production ruined the global economic situation. Within five years, about eighty copies rolled off the assembly line.

All Bristol models. He is considered a non-standard British manufacturer. The manufacturer has only one global official dealership. The company produces only exclusive cars. The results of sales are not published publicly. Every year the circulation varies from ten to hundreds of models. The pricing policy starts from 250 and can reach more than half a million thousand dollars. These statistics do not include cars that were made to order.

Bugatti Type 41 Royale. You can't even argue here. Ettore Bugatti created vehicles for the very wealthy. Even they had difficulties in financial terms, which are associated with the acquisition of this exclusive model. The production process took place during the Great Depression. That is why the sales period was not successful. From 1926 to 1932 only six copies were made. Two of them can be seen in the Automobile Museum of France. Therefore, it is almost impossible to see this car on the road.

Chrysler Turbine Car. During the 1960s, the manufacturer decided to create a jet transport. The Italian automobile studio was engaged in the creation of fifty bodies. Their design was supposed to reflect the idea of ​​the machine. The creators have decided to stop production. The car on combustible fuel spun up to 45 thousand revolutions per minute. The manufacturer destroyed 41 copies. And the remaining 9 remained in working order.

Citroen GS Birotor. In the 1960s, Citroen and NSU teamed up to develop the rotary engine. In 1974, a copy of the GS was introduced. It was equipped with a rotary installation. Production closed due to problems with the rotary unit.

Leyland Force 7. The Leyland P76 sedan was sold in the Australian and New Zealand markets for three years. The manufacturer released a rare version of Force 7. Due to poor sales, the project was closed. Of the 58 cars, only 10 remained. The rest were destroyed by the manufacturer.

Mohs SafariKar. The company's founder in Wisconsin was a popular seaplane manufacturer. His cars deserve special attention. The most popular sports model was the SafariKar.

Morgan Plus Four Plus. The Morgan organization is popular because of its conservatism and negative attitude towards technological progress. In 1963, the Morgan Plus Four was created. Only 26 copies were made in five years.

Rover SD1 Estate. The manufacturer released only two copies. They were used for daily commuting. The cars are currently in the British Museum.

The Tucker 48 (Torpedo) completes the list. The manufacturer released only 51 copies. After the release of this car, the company closed. 47 copies are evenly distributed throughout the world's museums.

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