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Sustainable Industry 101: Green Businesses in 2020

  • Written by Diana Smith

In the past, most industries and industrial trends focused on just one thing: profit. However, once we learned just how fragile both our ecosystem and our economy really are, the focus of the majority of business world shifted toward sustainability. In other words, we are no longer concerned with getting as much money out of something as we can but doing so for as long as we can. This is why, an unbelievable number of new “green” business ideas emerge every day. Here are some basic things you need to know about them.

What Are the Traits of Green Industry?

Now, some people try to label green businesses and put them all under the same umbrella but the diversity amongst them is almost astounding. A lot of new businesses decide to focus on growing organic food and providing energy but this is just tip of the iceberg. Even businesses which don’t directly involve themselves in this fight, but use eco-friendly methods can be labeled as green. For example, some car washes and maid services try to reduce the waste of water in their doing business and even resort to using eco-friendly soaps. Because of this, it is quite hard to pinpoint what exactly is a “green” business.

However, if we had to give a definition we would say that a green business is one that uses planet-friendly methods in their doing business. This being said, there are so many degrees and as we already stated and growing organic food is not the same as using organic soap. Most common sustainable idea that most businesses turn to are those that make savings in their budget. For example, turning to LED bulbs instead of iridescent ones and installing solar panels Mandurah on the roof of the factory, may decrease the power bills quite a bit. Still, when it comes to salvation of our planet, one doesn’t get to be picky about the motivation behind such moves.

What is Greenwashing?

Before we proceed any further, it is important to mention that not every green-like move is honest. The best example of this is contained in the notion of greenwashing. Companies which do their work in planet-friendly manner usually get a lot of credit for doing so. This means that some businesses with bad reputation may try to fake being planet friendly to improve their public image. The most ironic thing is that some companies who use this method the most are usually greatest polluters in their area. However, their major earth harming projects go unnoticed while their minor “planet-friendly” acts get full media coverage.

Advantages of Going Green

Even though it is more than obvious that going green is the right thing to do, this still isn’t enough to persuade most people to join this trend. However, even if you don’t believe in karma there are some quite objective advantages that being an eco-friendly business brings. For starters, as we already mentioned solar panels, LED lights, saving energy and water all save money, making them all wallet-friendly as well.

Furthermore, it improves your public image (which we also already discussed). On this account, you are more likely to gain new clients and business partners. Not only that, but according to people behind recruitment agency, most millennials would rather work in a planet-friendly environment. Needless to say, this also expands your recruitment options.

Thinking Towards Future

What most of you have in mind is just the future of our planet, but the future of your business is included in this as well. Just few decades ago, there were no regulations concerned with our planet’s wellbeing and today, there are dozens. The number of lobbyists for the green cause is rapidly rising as well and so is their influence. This means, that soon, everyone will be forced to go green and it is always good to do this early. Additionally, it is easier to establish a green business from very start, than to be forced to transition later on.

As you can see, going green with your business is only a matter of time and while there are certain inconveniences about it, in the long run it always pays off. For hundreds of thousands of millennia, Mother Earth was there for us and finally, it has come the time for us to give some of this love back. Going green is not only a privilege, but also our responsibility.

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