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Fiverr Unveils New Product Line & Next-Level Solutions

A brand new Business Solutions suite for mid and large-size businesses, the all-new Fiverr Pro, and the debut of its neural network-powered Fiverr Neo™ to tackle the complex task of matching talent with customers.

Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR) delivers major product releases today. This continues a more than a decade-long tradition of product innovation to provide talented individuals and professional agencies access to new opportunities and for businesses of all sizes to access much-needed talent. These releases, on the heels of recent launches including Fiverr Enterprise, Fiverr Certified, and partnerships with brands like Amazon Ads and Stripe, are a step function in Fiverr’s commitment to revolutionising how people work together in an ever-more connected world, where engaging with global talent is a business necessity. We believe in empowering our community by helping freelancers and businesses dream bigger and create incredible things together.

“Today, we have exciting news to share. We are doubling down on our strategic pillars, accelerating our investment in moving upmarket, and taking on the toughest technological challenges to create beautifully simple innovative products that provide breakthrough experiences for our community,” said Micha Kaufman, founder, and CEO of Fiverr. “We have a track record of leveraging technology to crack tough challenges. We built the first Service-as-a-Product platform to reduce the time and complexity of hiring a freelancer online. Now we are tackling bigger projects, bigger businesses, and the most complex challenge of them all - quick, powerful, and effective matching.” 

Fiverr Business Solutions:

Fiverr has developed a comprehensive suite of top-tier professional solutions serving the mid-sized to enterprise business community. They are designed to tackle the new challenges businesses face adapting to and embracing the freelance movement. Fiverr has been building towards the launch of Fiverr Business Solutions over the past few years and most recently with the launch of Fiverr Enterprise, a best-in-class offering that enables businesses to take complete control of hiring, managing, and paying their freelance teams while simplifying the compliance and governance processes and avoiding work misclassification issues; the release of Fiverr Certified, a completely new way for large tech companies to offer their smaller customers access to freelance experts, certified by them; and now with the addition of its most comprehensive solution, Fiverr Pro. 

Fiverr Pro is a powerhouse end-to-end solution. It addresses the unique needs of larger organisations in today’s dynamic business landscape by fusing an intelligently curated catalog of exceptional professional talent with advanced business tools. Fiverr Pro, formerly Fiverr Business, has evolved to become even more intuitive, collaborative, and powerful. The new features offer the highest level of white-glove service to meet the critical needs of clients. This includes Project Planning, which provides Fiverr-trained experts to manage an organisation's projects from start to finish. There are newly expanded payment options including NetTerms payments to align with a company’s policies, as well as a new simplified administration panel that tracks financial account activity. Fiverr Pro also has a new dashboard that features to organise orders, track progress, save talent lists, and add team members, to further smooth collaboration and communication. Fiverr Pro is perfect for larger businesses that seek to work with top talent, tackle any project size, and work in an environment that fits their expectations.

“The workforce has evolved and businesses must evolve too. They need a strategy for working with freelance talent or they will risk missing out on the best talent, with the right skills to bring speed and innovation to their projects,” said Kaufman. “With Fiverr Business Solutions, we set the ambitious goal of applying our leadership, in connecting small businesses with freelancers, to the more complex needs of bigger businesses and enterprises with this specialised suite of solutions.”

Fiverr Business Solutions is trusted by many of the world’s best-known companies including Amazon Ads, Stripe, AmDocs, Unilever, and many others. By choosing Fiverr Business Solutions, they simplify vital access to the best freelance talent, based on their specific needs, in the most intuitive way possible.

Fiverr Neo:

“The more choice people have, the more they struggle to choose. That is the paradox of choice for the users of any platform or marketplace, Fiverr included. That is why we are experimenting with this head-on starting with the most complex of challenges - matching.” said Kaufman. “Matching is more than just search and find. A successful match starts with us understanding the customer’s need, and pairing it with the right professional to ensure both the customer and the talent feel that they have enjoyed the fruits of their work together. Today, I am really excited to announce the launch of Fiverr Neo™ which is designed to do exactly that - introduce an all-new experience that will allow our customers to express their needs and be matched with the right solution. As impressive as we believe Neo is, it is only the first step in stretching the bounds of technology and building on Fiverr’s deep understanding of marketplaces to enrich the experience for our community.“

Leveraging the latest technology and cutting-edge algorithms to create a ground-breaking matching tool, Fiverr Neo™ offers faster, better, and more personalised experiences. The roll-out starts today as we test and learn and we invite our community to join the waiting list to try it for themselves as we scale. 


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