5 reasons to go second-hand for your next photography equipment

There’s nothing quite as exciting to photographers than purchasing fresh equipment to add to their kit. Whether it’s an upgraded camera body or new lenses, most of us have an ongoing wishlist of photographic gear that seems to be never-ending.

Unfortunately, our budget cannot always accommodate buying new photography gear. But have you ever considered trawling the secondhand camera section for your next purchase? Here are a few reasons why you should.

  1. Second-hand gear is easier on your budget

We’ll start out with the most obvious point; secondhand gear prices are much easier on your budget than brand new gear. If you don’t mind using an item that someone had previously enjoyed, you should not be fearful of purchasing second-hand camera gear.

If you make your purchase from a reputable camera reseller, such as Ted’s Cameras, the equipment will undergo a thorough check-over before sale, and it will also come with a warranty, so any issues that do arise during use can be rectified easily.

  1. There are different, unique items available

Manufacturers tend to release exciting new camera models yearly. This means some perfectly good cameras are quickly discontinued. When browsing for second-hand DSLR cameras or second-hand lens, you may have the opportunity to pick up a forgotten camera or discontinued lens that could add a new dimension to your photographs. Your second-hand camera equipment will produce results that stand up among modern, more expensive gear.

While we all jump with excitement when we see the latest releases from our favourite manufacturers, if we all rush out and buy exactly the same camera and lens kits upon release, all of our images will be very similar in appearance. Secondhand shopping is your chance to add some character to your portfolio.

  1. You can piece together a more extensive kit

Due to the cheaper price, second-hand photography equipment provides a great opportunity for you to piece together a bigger, more versatile photography kit. Rather than just have the bare essential items that you can afford and can’t make do without, your second-hand camera equipment can offer more options that you might not use daily, but can come in handy if you ever want to switch up your style.

Even if you don’t regularly shoot macro photographs, for example, you can pick up a cheap second-hand macro lens so you have the tools in your toolbox when the opportunity to

  1. You may make your money back if you resell

We can’t guarantee you will make all of your money back, but should you want to resell your second-hand gear at some stage, you will lose less money than if you were selling gear that you purchased new.

Many second-hand lenses hover around a similar price point so you could still break even if you decide to resell your lens once it has served its purpose. Just be sure to look after your gear well (by carrying it around in a camera bag, for example). If you keep it in a similar condition to what it was when you got it, you have a better chance of making your money back for your next purchase.

  1. You can put together a backup kit

If you shoot professionally, or plan to do so at some point, you may want to think about piecing together a backup kit that you can turn to if your main camera fails. Once again, the cheaper prices allow you to spread your money further.

Many pros, such as wedding photographers, will also shoot with two cameras simultaneously. They don’t have the time to stop shooting to change lenses in the middle of an event, as the moment will probably pass them by, so they mount two different focal lengths on their cameras and shoot with booths. This is obviously possible when using new gear, but it is much more costly.

To look for second-hand camera equipment, check out Ted’s Cameras range of second-hand camera equipment, including lenses, cameras, video cameras, and accessories.
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