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Yew Digital Lock Becomes Sole Authorized Dealer for Solity in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 21 May 2024 - Yew Digital Lock, a leader in advanced security solutions, is proud to announce its new status as the sole authorized dealer for Solity in Singapore.

This significant development is part of Yew Digital Lock's commitment to providing cutting-edge digital lock technology and exceptional service to its customers.

Yew Digital Lock Becomes Sole Authorized Dealer for Solity in Singapore.

"Becoming the sole authorized agent for Solity in Singapore represents more than just an achievement for us—it's a commitment to offering reliable and advanced technology to our customers," said Darren Leong, Director of Yew Digital Lock. "We are dedicated to delivering top-tier digital security solutions for various properties, including HDBs, Condos, landed properties, and commercial properties, ensuring that the safety of our clients in Singapore is always secured."

Yew Digital Locks offers a range of high-tech security products, including the popular Yew F11 model, known for its robust construction and advanced security features such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and RFID capabilities. These products have been meticulously tested to perform exceptionally well in Singapore's climate.

In addition to securing exclusive dealership rights with Solity, Yew Digital Locks is expanding its presence and services with plans to open the first Southeast Asia Digital Lock Service Centre and R&D Lab by 2024. This expansion will further establish Yew Digital Lock as a major player in the digital lock industry across the region.

For more information about Yew Digital Lock and its range of products, visit Yew Digital Lock's website.
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About Yew Digital Lock

Founded in July 2023 by merging Yew Digital Lock and Yew Smart Home with Elite Lock, Yew Digital Lock specializes in advanced security solutions for commercial and residential properties. The company is committed to innovation and excellence in the digital security industry.

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