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Road trip to Western Europe? Here’s where you must pay

Motorists could be caught out while driving in other countries if they are not aware of roads where they must pay to carry on their journey.

Car rental experts at have compiled a handy guide of some of the toll roads that are in operation across Western Europe. These include highways, tunnels and bridges which require payment to be able to continue along the route.

A spokesman for said: “Whether travelling for business or enjoying a road trip on the continent, it’s useful to plan ahead and research your journey in advance to take into account where there are toll roads in each country.

“It can lead to unnecessary stress and panic if you suddenly encounter a toll road without being aware of it - especially if you don’t have the means of payment to be able to pay - although many tolls now promote electronic payment. 

“We hope this useful guide will help inform drivers of some of the toll roads operating in Western Europe.”

Here are some of the toll roads has identified in Western Europe:


Andorra has the Túnel d’Envalira, a 2.9km tunnel which has a fee of €6.80 for passenger vehicles.


Belgium also has a tunnel near Antwerp which charges for entry. The Liefkenshoek tunnel costs around €6 for passenger vehicles.


There are numerous charges for a variety of tunnels, bridges and motorways in France. The number of axles, mass and height of the individual vehicle are all taken into account when determining the charge owed. Cash, electronic unit and credit card are among the methods of payment you can use when at the toll gates. 


There is a toll road on the motorway ring road around the Dublin M50, without toll gates, where motorists can pay electronically. There is a discount for electric and natural gas powered vehicles. Elsewhere in Ireland there are tolls at a number of other bridges, tunnels and motorways.


Vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes need to pay a toll in Luxembourg which is paid through an electronic toll system.


Vehicles must pay to access two tunnels in this country. The charge for a passenger car at the Kiltunnel is €2 and the charge for a passenger car in the Westerscheldetunnel is €5. There is also a charge for vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes.


Portuguese authorities charge vehicles at toll gates for a number of different routes in the country. Some motorways allow manual payment by cash or credit card while others must be pre-paid or require the journey to be purchased with an on-board unit or electronic toll collection tool. Examples of some of the toll prices include € 22.20 for cars and motorcycles along the A1 Lisbon to Porto route and € 22.50 for cars and motorcycles along the A2 and A22 Lisbon to Faro roads.

United Kingdom

Here in the UK, there are charges for some bridges and tunnels, plus part of the M6 motorway near Birmingham. There is also a congestion charge in place in London and Durham city centre. Tunnels and bridges which incur charges include the Mersey Silver Jubilee and the Dartford Crossing. Most offer electronic payment methods.

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