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Airbnb reveals the top 50 worldwide Pride celebrations

To celebrate the return of Pride around the globe, Airbnb is revealing the top 50 worldwide Pride celebrations this summer! 

This ranking is based on total nights booked over respective Pride weekends worldwide, looking at bookings made on Airbnb from January to May 2022. The list uncovers nights booked in each respective city over their Pride weekends this year, with bookings hitting a significant milestone: tens of thousands of nights have already been booked over the top 50 Pride weekends for this summer, bringing Pride weekends in 2022 back to pre-pandemic travel levels. 

The announcement also uncovers new insights into the LGBTQ+ community from a study conducted by Gay Times. The study, surveying 15,000 LGBTQ+ identifying people, reveals that: 

  • Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ+ respondents embraced travel abroad as restrictions eased throughout the pandemic, making travel a key priority for the community
  • 60% of the community seek out LGBTQ+ experiences while traveling emphasizing the importance of Pride celebrations and destinations showcasing their inclusiveness and diversity. 

The announcement also examines the economic impact Pride celebrations can have for Airbnb Hosts. Airbnb Hosts earned more than $76 million USD over the top 50 pride weekends in 2019, the last in-person Pride celebrations pre-pandemic. 

Other insights include the top 10 most hospitable Pride destinations and the top 10 trending Prides versus 2019. 

You can find the full news post below and on Airbnb's newsroom

Let me know if you're interested in speaking with an Airbnb spokesperson – or a LGBTQ+ identifying Host – to talk about insights we're seeing for Pride 2022, how LGBTQ+ travelers can take advantage of new changes to Airbnb this summer, and how Airbnb is helping to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, including guests, Hosts and LGBTQ+ employees at Airbnb. 

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