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Treating the hidden epidemic affecting millions of Australians

We’ve all heard about the scourge of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but there’s another  prevalent condition which goes unnoticed, despite affecting 1 in 3 Australian women and 1 in  10 men – urinary incontinence1. Now, one Australian company has set its sights on putting  an end to the discomfort.  

Happy Healthy You, which is co-founded by three-time Olympian Lisa Curry, and Naturopath and Women’s Health & Hormonal Specialist, Jeff Butterworth, has helped hundreds of  customers experiencing the, at times, embarrassing case of incontinence manage their  condition through online consults and natural supplements. Now the team want to help those  who are letting a weak bladder control their lives.  

Urinary incontinence can range from the occasional leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze or  exercise, to the complete inability to control your bladder.2 Despite its prevalence, 70 per  cent of those affected avoid reporting it to their doctors.3 

Happy Healthy You co-founder Jeff Butterworth said urinary incontinence can affect all  stages of life with factors such as childbirth, obesity, chronic constipation, diet, lifestyle and  advancing age all contributing to the weakening of bladder muscles. 

“Urinary incontinence can happen to all kinds of people, and we understand how disruptive a  weak bladder can be on your life,” said Mr. Butterworth.  

“It is particularly common for older women and men, as well as those who have gone  through childbirth or are overweight. Despite its commonality, most people are too  embarrassed to talk about it or seek help. 

“It’s natural for the bladder and urethra muscles to lose some of its strength as we age, and  while there is no cure, there are simple ways to safely and effectively manage symptoms through specific exercises and herbal support.”  

Queensland-based Happy Healthy You customer, 64-year-old Greg Sutton, found himself  constantly waking at night needing to visit the toilet. His urinary incontinence was  significantly worsening and taking a toll on his health.  

Greg’s wife, a Happy Healthy You advocate and on-going user of the brand’s hero product,  Happy Hormones, recommended Greg try Happy Bladder. Since starting, Greg said he has  been able to achieve an additional three hours of sleep each night, without his regular  disruptive bathroom trips. 

“I’ve been really impressed with the results so far; Happy Bladder has been effective in  managing the need to go to the bathroom at three o’clock in the morning,” he said. 

“This has not only benefitted my own health, but my wife’s too!” 

Traditionally, treatments for urinary incontinence have included physical and behavioural  therapies such as Kegel’s pelvic floor exercises and bladder restraining. Medications are  also available, relying predominantly upon anticholinergic (muscle calming) actions to  prevent an overactive bladder needing to constantly drain. 

Happy Healthy You’s Happy Bladder is a naturopathic formulation backed by clinical  studies* and designed to improve the tone and strength of the bladder region for both  women and men of all age groups. 

Happy Bladder has undergone 15 years of product research and development to reduce  urinary frequency, urgency, and bladder accidents.  

To support those living with this condition, Happy Healthy You is offering a Pee-Free Bundle specially designed to support bladder health. The bundle contains two bottles of Happy  Bladder 60 capsules, a bottle of nutritious bio-fermented liquid concentrate Happy Greens which provides customers with two month’s supply, and the new addition Pelvic Floor  Exercise video for men and women to help improve vitality and confidence.

For more information about Happy Bladder and their Pee-Free Bundle, please visit the  Happy Healthy You website: 


Happy Healthy You is an Australian-based health and lifestyle company, established by  Olympian, Lisa Curry and Naturopath, Author and Women’s Hormone Specialist, Jeff  Butterworth, to provide Australian women with information and natural alternatives to  hormonal imbalance. 

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