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Workout Piece: Six spin bike workout routines

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Spin bikes are often overlooked when finding the next addition to your home gym for cardio equipment—but that doesn't need to be the case any longer. From resistance training to aerobic endurance exercises, spin bikes have it all.

Working out on a stationary exercise bike has many benefits when working towards your fitness goals—but it doesn't always have to be just sitting on a bike for 30 minutes straight. Here are a few workout routines that fit well in various workout plans—whether it be workout routines for beginners or a focused weight loss exercise plan. These are great low impact workout options, aiding to reduce the risk of injury and are an easy way to adjust your activity and sedentary behaviour. 

  1. Beginner's workout 

Deciding how to achieve your fitness goals is often the hardest step when forming your home gym setup. It is easy to become overwhelmed from deciding what piece of equipment to use and what kinds of exercises to perform—all without knowing whether you will like it. Stationary exercise bikes are great in this regard due to their versatility.  

The Cross X Spin Bike is a great starting point for those beginning their fitness journey. This compact machine is suitable for spin class, circuit training and HIIT-style workouts, allowing you to try different exercise styles until you find the one that suits you—without breaking the bank.

  1. Indoor workout 

Even the most dedicated fitness fanatic has bad weather days - but your workout plan doesn't have to be put on hold when you have an indoor exercise bike. We have the perfect exercise bike for all fitness fanatics who do not want to miss out on their workout—rain, hail or shine.  

The NordicTrack S10i Studio Bike provides world-class trainers, new daily workouts and stat tracking, meaning you will never be bored when it comes time for your training. Its impressive 10'' LCD console provides performance data and interactive technology to stream on-demand workout programs and allows access to google maps. You can bring the outdoors to you with this piece of fitness equipment!

  1. Spin bike workout 

A spin bike is great when looking for options to develop a full body workout plan; you can strength train and improve cardiovascular endurance—all from the one stationary bike workout!  

The Schwinn® 700IC Indoor Cycling Spin Bike is a cardio lover's dream. This bike is all about offering value; whether it be the LCD console, wireless heart rate monitoring and infinitely variable resistance, there is sure to be something that will appeal to you.

  1. Competitive workout 

Finding the motivation to remain consistent with your training program is tough. Working out at a home gym is no exception—exercise can be challenging! It can make you sweat, your legs burn, and sometimes you just aren't feeling it. Now is where the art of healthy competition comes into play; it hurts no one and is the perfect way to spice up your workout plan.  

The Bowflex C7 Spin Bike is great for your competitive workout. It has numerous interactive programs to keep your heart racing—giving you all the outdoor feels while working out indoors! 

For a clean boost in energy to get you through the workout, check out this pharmaceutical grade essential amino acid supplement from Naked Nutrition.

  1. Strength training workout

Strength training is essential to any workout routine. A full body workout plan that includes strength training is beneficial in working towards several fitness goals, whether part of a weight loss workout plan or part of improving your overall wellness. This is achievable on a stationary exercise bike by increasing resistance levels—allowing you to target specific muscle groups in your lower body when performing a traditionally cardio-heavy workout.  

With the Horizon GR6 Spin Bike, you will experience an ultra-smooth, comfortable training ride. This piece of equipment is great as its magnetic resistance system provides smooth adjustments, accommodating workouts of all intensities and varieties to incorporate it into part of a full body workout routine. 

  1. Commercial training 

We all love a workout at the gym, but finding the time to dedicate to going is not always possible. An at-home bike workout is great for those that are time-poor—you can fit in a great lower body cardio workout in just 20 minutes.  

The ARROW Commercial Spin Bike is the best way to give you the feeling of riding on a bike from the comfort of your own home. Adjustable seat and handlebar availability mean that all can easily use this in your household. 

There we have six mighty workout ideas from just one type of home gym equipment! An exercise bike is a great addition to your home gym set up. Its versatility takes it from a high-intensity workout to a great rest day option for optimal muscle growth. Be sure to consider this when determining your next fitness goals.


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