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The Importance of Smoke Alarm Replacement: Ensuring Fire Safety in Your Home

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When was the last time you scheduled a smoke alarm replacement? If you hardly remember, it’s time you pick up your phone and call reliable local electricians to evaluate the performance of your home’s fire detection system.

Smoke alarms are one essential life-saving device we can’t risk taking chances with. They help detect smoke and fire, warning you early before things get out of control. Unfortunately, you can’t use one smoke alarm for eternity. They are designed to last for 10 years or shorter, depending on the frequency of your maintenance. Talking of maintenance, smoke alarms call for regular maintenance at least once a month to ensure everything is working correctly.

Now, if it’s been more than a decade since you last had a smoke alarm installation or you haven’t scheduled a maintenance service in a while, this article is for you. Read to learn everything crucial about smoke alarm replacement in Australia.

When Should Smoke Alarms Be Replaced?

No matter the brand, all smoke detectors should be replaced 10 years after manufacturing. This applies to both battery-operated and hard-wired smoke detectors. Over time, smoke detectors accumulate dirt and grime, which lowers their sensitivity to detecting smoke particles.

There are other instances where you may also need to replace your smoke detector sooner to comply with current regulations. The current regulations state that all property owners should ensure all their domestic dwellings are fitted with interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms.

When this is the case, you need a reputable residential technician to replace your outdated smoke detector with one interconnected to different areas of your home, including bedrooms, living areas, hallways and basements. In case of a fire outbreak, this type of smoke detector ensures everyone in the house gets an early warning, whether in the bedroom or bathroom.

Top 3 Signs Your Smoke Alarms Need Urgent Replacing

A Yellow Colour in Your Smoking Detectors

This is one of the easiest ways to know that your smoke alarm needs an urgent electrical inspection. When a smoke detector is over 10 years old, it turns from its original colour to a yellowish one. Now, it’s easy for property owners to assume that the yellow may result from dust or cigarette smoke, but this is not the case.

Smoke detectors use bromine, a flame retardant, to detect the presence of flames and particles, sending an early signal. Over time, the bromine in the smoke detector is exposed to heat, UV light, and oxygen. Exposure to these elements causes the yellow colour you all notice, even when not close to the detector.

Continuous Chirping

If your smoke detector keeps chirping constantly, this is a clear indication that you have a low battery that needs to be replaced. Some smoke alarms feature batteries that need you to replace annually. Most smoking detectors used in Australia feature Lithium batteries. This type of battery is designed to last for 10 years, but this doesn’t mean they are not prone to experiencing chirping.

No matter the type of battery you are using, it’s always a good idea to have a residential electrician come and inspect your smoking detector. Ignoring the chirping may put your loved ones at risk, as you will eventually become desensitised. While it may be tempting to resolve the issue alone, doing so may make matters worse, leading to costly repairs. Having a residential electrician guarantees exceptional service. Plus, they can also resolve other underlying issues other than chirping.

Failed Tests

It’s natural to constantly check whether your smoking detector is working. Moreover, Australian regulations emphasise that property owners test smoke detectors at least once a year. That said, conducting regular testing is one of the best ways to know whether to schedule a smoke alarm replacement.

So, how do you conduct the test? Well, it’s pretty easy! All you need to do is press the test button, which is located on the smoke detector. When the alarm is in excellent condition, it will make loud beeping sounds. However, if your smoke detector malfunctions, it will not beep, or the sound will be glitchy. If this is the case, schedule for electrical installation services ASAP.

Call a Professional Residential Electrician for Smoke Alarm Replacement Services

Does your smoke alarm have these above signs? If yes, it’s not too late to restore safety in your residential property. With a reputable residential electrician, you can efficiently resolve the malfunction, restoring sensitivity. Moreover, if you don’t have a smoke alarm device installed, you can always schedule professional smoke alarm installation services in Australia. There are two types of smoking detectors: ionisation smoke alarms and photoelectric alarms. Both alarms perform the same function. However, photoelectric alarms are more sensitive.

Before making a purchase, get professional advice from an expert residential electrician in Perth. They will help you choose one that suits your needs - act now and prevent possible fire hazards today.

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