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Innovative new 4-in-1 cleaning tool

Consumers are calling this the extendable, hyper-functional cleaning tool that “makes cleaning windows fun”

Melbourne-based social enterprise Thankyou – best known for its creative, impact-driven approach to personal care – has just launched its newest product: a 4-in-1 cleaning tool designed to make home cleaning more efficient and effective. The 4-in-1 Squeegee is the latest addition to Thankyou’s home cleaning range, and is designed to be used in collaboration with its 100% Natural Universal Cleaner (a hospital grade disinfectant) and its reusable microfibre cloths. 

Designed in line with the brand’s founding ethos of consistently offering attractive alternatives to consumerism, the 4-in-1 Squeegee incorporates easy-to-use ergonomic design features, and as with all Thankyou products, profits from sale of the product will be distributed to Thankyou’s Charitable Trust.

Earlier this year, Thankyou launched their first home cleaning product, a 100% Natural Universal Cleaner. The hospital grade disinfectant – which contains an active plant-based lactic acid – has been certified to kill 99.99% of germs and is effective at eradicating grease, stains and odours. The formulation, made in Australia from 100% natural ingredients and with COSMOS approval, is remarkably free from harsh chemicals, making it harmless for repeated contact with sensitive skin (as Dermatologically Tested) – a breakthrough achievement for such an effective cleaning product. For the ultimate in effective glass cleaning, Thankyou recommends diluting their Universal Cleaner with water 1:9 for a glass-friendly solution, cleaning with the multi-function squeegee, then wiping with microfibre cloths for an entirely streak-free finish.

With the user experience top of mind in the design process, Thankyou incorporated dilution markers on the fillable handle of the Squeegee – allowing users to easily fill the device with 9 parts water and 1 part Universal Cleaner. The spray function and extendable handle allows for a streamlined cleaning process, with the sponge element effectively working through stains, and the “squidge” removing any excess residue. For a final polish, Thankyou recommends giving glass a final wipe with one of their reusable microfibre cloths (which are made from 90% recycled plastic).

Thankyou’s 4-in-1 Squeegee is available to purchase from Thankyou’s recently launched e-commerce store, and is available as part of the Home Cleaning Starter Kit from $73.64, saving 30% off RRP).

4-in-1 Squeegee | RRP: $29.95

Starting kit | RRP: $73.64

About Thankyou. 

Thankyou is an Australian social enterprise on a mission to amplify impactful change-makers to better serve people living in extreme poverty by redistributing wealth from consumer spending. The Melbourne-born brand sells high-quality products, empowering consumers to change the world through their purchasing decisions that exist all-for helping end extreme poverty. To date, Thankyou has given $18.1M.


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