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Absolute aesthetic: how to create a minimalist home

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Minimalism has become one the 21st Century’s ultimate design aesthetics. Homeowners are forgoing the messy clutter and wild colour for simple elegance, and designers are continuously finding new ways to create this sense of contemporary chic. For homeowners, minimalism not only makes the home feel more calming, but it also provides a stylish atmosphere that is spacious and unbelievably stylish!

There are numerous ways you can make your home a minimalist chill zone, and we’re going to talk about some of them below:

  1. Opt for neutral colours

Neutral colours are calming for the mind and don’t overwhelm the occupant. Opting for neutral tones for elements like fixtures, floors and walls is a great way to make the home feel more relaxing. For example, elegant black cupboard handles, grey walls and brown furniture is an elegant way to make the home feel more simple without going overboard on remodelling.

  1. Consider your reasons for the change

Every homeowner has a reason for changing their space. In the case of this contemporary style, homeowners wish to make the space feel decluttered in order to lead a more intentional life. This is a lifestyle choice that is designed to ensure your home accommodates your lifestyle, and allows you to relax at home without feeling overwhelmed in the way you might, say, at work or in particular social engagements.

Knowing the reasons why you are going for this style is the first step to knowing where you want to go with the design!

  1. Declutter!

Decluttering the home is the ultimate end goal of minimalism. A cluttered home can feel incredibly overwhelming and, naturally, is a nightmare to clean. Instead, why not try to alleviate the home of some of that mess that has been giving you grief for some time now?

All you have to do is go around the home and remove what is seen as unnecessary. Sure, it can be hard to say goodbye to certain possessions, but it’s a necessity if you are looking to make your home feel more relaxingly spacious!

  1. But you don’t necessarily have to get rid of them

Whilst you are going through your home looking for ways to free up space, it’s also a very good idea to think about how you can use certain things in different ways to maximise the decluttered potential whilst still holding onto old possessions.

After all, you likely bought those goods in the first place, and many things around the home (especially storage goods) are still perfect for use in a minimalist space - they just have to be properly repurposed!

  1. Optimise personal touches

Many people want to try this style for their home but worry that means they have to get rid of their most personal items, but of course not! One of the joys of minimalism is the way in which you can optimise your most personal possessions, putting them at the forefront of your design aesthetic alongside any new, elegant decor or fittings you wish to install.

This includes maximising family photos, ornaments and knick-knacks that may hold a special meaning to you.

  1. Don’t just buy any pice you come across

Because the point of this aesthetic is to minimise the amount of clutter you have in your home, so you don’t want to pick up everything you come across in store just because it looks amazing. You should be intentional about your purchases and ensure that it is going to it the overall design module, and not just work towards adding more clutter to the property but in a different aesthetic - it would defeat the whole purpose of undertaking this redesign in the first place!


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