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Organise, declutter, and store with TAXIBOX

The ultimate guide to sorting and storing your belongings before your trip


The data is in.  Aussies are packing their bags and travelling at unprecedented levels, booking more trips and heading overseas for longer periods of time. A recent report by The Urban List reveals Australians prioritise vacations over long-term financial security, with over half (52%)  willing to quit their jobs for an overseas adventure if they have the opportunity. 


Saving hard-earned cash for the big trip is critical, with 73 percent of Aussies actively saving for international travel. A key way to do this is by subletting your living space, downsizing, or packing it all up and freeing yourself from rental or mortgage stress altogether during your time away. 


The toughest decision may be what to bring and what to leave behind on your epic adventure. TAXIBOX, the leading provider of convenient and secure self-storage solutions, shares three top tips to ensure a stress-free travel experience.

Packing essentials

Certain items are must-haves for any trip, including decent walking shoes, your passport, and a spare pair of sunglasses. However, it's crucial to pack efficiently. Start preparing and planning what to pack ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need without overpacking. Remember, you can always purchase forgotten items at your destination.

Categorise belongings

Once you have packed what you need, assess the remaining items. Categorise them into two piles, stuff you don't need, and stuff you do need - things you wish to keep and see when you return to your home, such as belongings that are practical or significant in some way, Prioritise anything that you'll be glad to have waiting for you upon your arrival.

Declutter, store, and protect

If you’re planning to travel long-term, now is the perfect opportunity to declutter. Avoid wasting valuable storage space by getting rid of those items you no longer need. Consider the following options before throwing anything away:

If the item still holds value, sell it (ensuring you are confident about parting with it).

Generously donate usable items to local charities, Facebook groups, or neighbours in need.

If an item is beyond salvage or has no value, responsibly dispose of it.


For the items you wish to keep, such as clothing you won't be taking with you, valuables and sentimental items, and furniture that you want to protect from potential damage, choose a safe storage solution. If you don’t have much to store, try a locked closet away from prying eyes. If you have more than a wardrobe’s worth, try a reputable storage service like TAXIBOX to ensure your belongings are protected and available on your return.


Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget protection. Travel insurance is a no-brainer, but what about all your valuables you leave behind? TAXIBOX always recommends you take out insurance to protect your belongings against a rainy day. 


Keen to stamp your passport and embark on your next adventure? TAXIBOX’s top tips will give you peace of mind to have the experience of a lifetime, without your belongings weighing you down.



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