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Dream design: 6 tips for the perfect tropical garden

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There is nothing more vibrant than a dreamy Brisbane garden. The sun shining down on those tropical plants is something we are truly lucky to enjoy, and part of what makes living in this city such a wonderful experience!

If you’ve been thinking about ways you can beautify your garden, then you don’t need to look any further, as we’ve compiled five essential tips for creating the perfect tropical garden.

From understanding your region’s growing conditions to picking up the best artificial grass Brisbane cost available, here are six tips to creating a lush, tropical oasis:

  1. Research your region’s climate & soil type

This is the first thing you have to think about as not all tropical plants can grow in particular climates. There are some regions where tropical plants simply cannot thrive (think places with cold winters, for example!). It is imperative to research your prospective plants as different plants require different amounts of light, soil conditions and more!

  1. Always go in with a plan

Check out your space, grab your pencil and paper and even install some quality software as this will all help with the design process. Check out the existing trees and structures, and consider surrounding the pre-existing trees with plants as this will accentuate that tree’s beauty and make it a centrepiece of your garden. If you can fit in other amenities like pools and cabanas that would also work wonders as they have always been features of a joyful tropical oasis.

  1. Look for the perfect inspo

If you are struggling to think of what to install and where, the internet is the ideal place to find your inspo. Check out the pre-existing tropical garden designs that are in their thousands online, finding styles and features that you would happily install in your garden.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up inspo from someone else’s garden, especially when you consider that they have probably had a pro design it anyway!

  1. Make way for shade

This is especially vital if you live in a fully tropical climate that requires some shade from a harsh sunny day! Not only this, tree shade can assist in growing other plants that don’t like the midday sun, and you can even place a sitting bench under it to further enjoy a cool space in a warm garden.

One of the best things about tropical gardens is the way in which nature can do the job that human made structures like pergolas can in other climates - so allow for gorgeous trees and beautiful foliage to provide your space with that sumptuous shade!

  1. It needs lush foliage

Because every tropical garden should somewhat resemble that of a natural forest, right? And do rainforests have tightly grouped garden beds placed neatly around their borders? Of course not! You have to allow for a little wildness to take place in your tropical garden, as that is what makes it appear to be just that!

So, don’t be afraid to allow for your foliage to intertwine and overlap - you will love it all the more for its natural, rustic and truly tropical aesthetic.

  1. Artificial grass is a stunningly vibrant option

The best artificial grass Brisbane cost will be an amazing option for your tropical garden. Why? Because it won’t dry out in that summer heat, instead retaining that lush, vibrant colour that comes with a tropical landscape.

What’s more, it doesn’t require the maintenance that real grass needs to flourish, furthering your ability to allow your gorgeous tropical garden to run its own natural course!


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