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Adelaide Plumber Explains How You Can Tell If Your Drains Have Collapsed

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Drain problems can be something that really has a huge effect on your property if you’re not careful. Some issues are more significant than others, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into things as soon as you notice something awry. Here, we’re going to let you know about all of the ways you can tell that your drains have likely collapsed.

Causes Of Blocked Drains

There are actually many different ways you can tell. If you’re not in the know, then you might not realise how much of an issue you’re faced with. Here are some of the most significant ways you can find out:

Damp Walls And/Or Floors

Collapsed drains will mean that the water flow will be disrupted significantly. This will likely mean water will flow into the ground around the pipe. You’ll likely see damp spots on the walls and/or floors if this is the case.

A Damp Lawn

The main sewage line is outside, so you might even see changes to the lawn. A damaged pipe will mean dirt will rush in – this will cause the water to leak to the outside.

Sewage Backups

Collapsed drains will not work anywhere near as well as before. If you notice that your drains are backing up, it could mean that there is a collapse. Getting an inspection could help you to figure this out.

Mold Problems

Mold could be a sign that there has been a break in your sewer lines. Some molds only need a moderate humidity level to begin growing. A cracked sewer pipe can cause humidity levels to rise and begin the mold-growing process.

Sunken Areas In The Yard

If a collapsed drain and falling in, then that likely means your garden area will also sink slowly over time. If you see this in your yard, then it’s going to be a pretty obvious tell-tale sign that your drains are damaged.

Slow Drains

If the performance of your drains has dropped, then this is likely to be one of the first signs. Slow or poor drainage suggests that, at some point, there has been a collapse due to blockage or something similar.

Foul Odour

While drains aren’t typically going to smell wonderful, a significantly bad smell will signal more than a minor issue. You may smell it from the outside or even inside your property. It can mean your drains are collapsed.

Rapid Growing Grass

Due to the water leaking into that area of the yard, your grass will likely grow quicker. If this consistently happens in one area, then it could mean your drain is damaged.

Rat Infestations

Rats live in sewers and might make their win into your pipes if something has gone wrong with them. They could then even find their way into your property.

Insect Infestations

The same applies to insects as they’ll have a much easier route through to your property. Of course, they’re much smaller so they will fit through smaller gaps.

Cracks And Structural Damage

If you have an issue with your pipes, then it could cause damage to the walls and flooring. It could even extend to your driveway, causing cracks in the process.


The fact of the matter is that you need to make sure your drainage systems are operating flawlessly. Any issues could lead to long-term domestic problems and financial issues. Getting the right help will save you a lot of stress. For instance, a qualified plumber can help locate and repair your collapsed drains pretty efficiently and without too much hassle. It’s worth doing what you can to find the perfect individual or group.

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