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Stylish serenity: 5 reasons your garden needs a water feature

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The garden’s ultimate purpose should be to provide peace and tranquillity. In our busy lives and hectic towns it can be difficult to find a calming space to relax, and for this reason our gardens should be a charming oasis that we can retreat to whenever things are getting a little intense.

This is one of the main reasons our gardens can benefit from the best water features Sydney homes have available!

Whether it’s a rock pond, stream, waterfall or fountain, here are some of the key benefits of having a charming, elegant water feature awaiting your return home:

  1. They make the home more peaceful

This is especially so if you live in a hectic neighbourhood, one that teems with life and sound at any hour of the day or night. Sydney is a busy city, and while it may not be as noisy as your New Yorks or Rios, it can definitely amplify neighbouring sounds in a way that could make us crave a little more home serenity.

The natural sounds that these delightful installations create are designed to produce a calming, peaceful drop, flow, trickle - whichever invigorating sound depending on your chosen feature - this is something all Sydney homes can enjoy!

  1. They make the yard look bigger

If you’ve been thinking of ways to amplify the feeling of space in your yard then look no further than the water feature. They have the ability to give your yard an aesthetic of added space, not to mention a luxurious atmosphere that can’t be a joy to indulge in.

  1. They are incredibly low maintenance

Cleaning this divine home addition is not a difficult task, although it does require some added attention, as by keeping your fountain or pond clean you will be reducing the risk of algae growth.

Maintaining your installation’s cleanliness is also imperative for preventing blockages, so you will need to give your rocks, gravel and stones an occasional wash to reduce the buildup risk.

This, as well as general maintenance with fish and pond plants, is important to maintaining the installation’s general hygiene, but it is nothing overwhelming!

  1. It brings the birds to the garden!

Because who doesn’t want to attract all kinds of delightful birds and wildlife into their gardens?! This benefit can be added to the first as it brings a whole new level of serenity into the yard, especially when you hear those lovely birds singing happily around your brand new fountain.

It’s just another reason why a stunning fountain or pond can truly enhance your garden’s aesthetic and serenity, as you will enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere that is full of birds and wildlife - what a joy!

  1. Pond plants are highly affordable

Pond plants are ideal natural garden decorations for fountains, ponds and other installations - just think of the delightful beauty of the vibrant water lily!

If you live near the sea, you can even pick up sea corals and seaweed that you can then add to your fountain or pond - but be sure to add salt and vitamins to the installation as they too are considered to be marine organisms that thrive on these requirements.

As you can see, this is one of the great home additions, especially for people looking to amplify their garden’s lush beauty and tranquillity. What’s more, you’ll attract lovely wildlife to your garden, as well as increase its feeling of space and solitude - a real winner for inner-Sydney homes!


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