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A new generation of food storage bags - healthy savings

Silicone food storage bags have gained enormous popularity among people who use vacuum food packaging. Where did their fame come from, and what are their properties? Let's take a closer look at them and see what old food vacuum packers see in them.

Various types of food storage bags in the market

You can find many types of food storage bags on the Internet. Right next to them, you can also find many special containers for storing food. Each of them has its supporters among people who use vacuum packing machines. However, the hearts of both were conquered by silicon bags. These food packaging bags differ significantly from their plastic counterparts or ordinary food films. So why has their use become so popular?

What are the features of silicone food bags?

Silicone food bags are flexible, durable, and reusable. They are also BPA-free and do not contain latex. Thanks to these features, silicone bags are odorless and tasteless. So you don't have to worry that your food will overflow with the bag's smell or taste.

A significant advantage of silicone food bags is their durable closure in the form of a zipper. The bags themselves are very tight and stretchy. Thanks to this, you can store practically any type of food in them. Many models of silicone bags have an additional measure on the side. Such a measuring cup is very helpful in portioning the food to be packed.

Reusable and temperature-resistant bags

We mentioned earlier that silicone food bags are reusable. It's true - you just need to wash them. But, importantly, you can wash these bags by hand and in the dishwasher. This possibility is a great convenience for people who prefer to use a dishwasher.

Many people use silicone food bags because they are resistant to various temperatures. It is true! Just check the information about silicone bags at As you can see, these bags are resistant to low and high temperatures. So, food in such bags can be, for example, frozen or use to sous-vide cooking.

Of course, it is challenging to precisely describe all the parameters of silicone food bags in one short article. The features shown above are only examples of advantages regular users of this type of packaging mentioned. Internet users are also satisfied with the wide availability of various sizes of silicone bags.

If you also use the method of vacuum food packaging at home, be sure to try out silicone bags. Who knows if they will make your dishes even healthier than before?


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