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Bonjour Bastille Day: French-Inspired Cocktails To Celebrate The National Day Of France

Dirty Martini 


60mL Citadelle Gin  

15mL Dry Vermouth 

1 dash Orange Bitters 

Ice Cubes  

15mL Olive Brine 

Garnish with 3 Olives 


Chill your cocktail glass (the easiest way is to fill it with ice) 

Thread three olives onto a cocktail stick and set aside. 

Fill a jug or mixing glass with ice, then pour in the Citadelle Gin, vermouth and olive brine Stir until the outside of the jug feels cold. Taste to make sure that it's icy cold and that you’re happy  with the dilution 

Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and garnish with olive cocktail stick 

Gin Fizz


60mL Citadelle Gin 

15mL Lemon Juice 

15mL Simple Syrup 

1 Egg White 

Ice Cubes  

Top with Soda  

Garnish with Lemon Twist 


Add the gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white to a shaker and vigorously dry shake (without  ice) for 15 seconds 

Add 3 or 4 ice cubes and shake vigorously until well-chilled 

Double strain into a chilled Collins glass and top with soda 

50/50 Martini & Oyster | Citadelle Gin 

While Citadelle is perfect in a gin & tonic, the most curious drinkers can discover a version with a more  assertive character. How, you ask? 

To your shakers! 

Pour 45ml of Citadelle Gin 

Add 45ml of Mancino Secco Vermouth 

Mix with ice cubes 

Shake briefly to dilute the ice cubes a bit, but maintain their coldness 

A lemon 

The tasting ritual 

Swallow your oyster. Save the shell and pour in the 50/50 Citadelle Martini, then lightly squeeze a  lemon on your cocktail to add some acidic flavors. Drink as a shot. Cheers!

Citadelle & tonic  

If life gives you lemons, make gin & tonic 

There is nothing more bracingly refreshing than a beautifully composed Citadelle & Tonic. 

Garnished simply with a fresh lemon peel and voilà, you’re set. The size and shape of the peel -straight  or twisted, large or small - does not matter as long as it’s fresh. Mix Citadelle and a high-quality tonic  water and you have crafted the perfect drink. 

Beautiful in its simplicity, follow these steps to make your own Citadelle & Tonic. We prefer a 3:1 ratio  of tonic to gin, but feel free to adapt to your liking: 

Chill a large balloon glass 

Fill the glass with large, clear ice cubes to the top 

Add 1 part Citadelle Gin 

Take great care to choose a ripe, unblemished lemon 

Cut a peel -and dare to be creative in its cut! 

Add 3 parts tonic water 

Express the peel on top of the glass and around the rim and place it gently into your Citadelle &  Tonic 

Pairing Tip: Enjoy with fresh oysters, which are abundantly harvested in Charente near Château de  Bonbonnet, the home of Citadelle. 

Bonne dégustation! 

Transport your taste buds to one of the most desired seaside locations, thanks to the fine  craftsmanship of Citadelle Original Gin. Available for purchase now for $75 RRP at Liquorland,  Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, and online retailer, BoozeBud. 


Citadelle Gin is a premium, multi-award-winning liquid that is steeped in a rich and proudly French  history, as created by Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Maison Ferrand. Made on-site at Chateau de 

Bonbonnet this spirit harnesses an atypical distillation process with progressive infusion methods; a  now patented technique that brings together 19 unique botanicals in a very distinct flavour  profile. Citadelle Gin is available from Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor, Dan Murphy’s,  as well as online retailer BoozeBud, for $75 RRP.


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