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Kitten fun: 3 awesome toys for indoor cats

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Not all kittens love to be outside. Some kittens prefer the comfort and serenity of being inside as opposed to prowling around the neighbourhood in search of a rodent-shaped hunting trophy.

However, this doesn’t mean you should allow your cat to hang around the house bored and irritable. A bored cat is often an unhealthy cat, and a cat left at home without anything to amuse itself is going to be a very bored cat.

So, why skip out on getting them some awesome toys? You already buy them great food, give them plenty of love and attention and have the best cat insurance - now it’s time to have a look at some of the toys indoor cats really love:

  1. Frolicat Pounce

Hopefully, your indoor kitten won’t come across too many mice roaming around the home, and this is why the Frolicat Pounce is a great toy to satisfy their hunting urges despite the fact they don’t love it outside so much.

The Frolicat Pounce comes with an energetic mouse toy that taunts and teases your cat to the point it wants nothing more than to give it a good swipe! Marshal Maus the annoying mouse zips around back and forward and changes direction with ease, before darting side to side and hiding under various obstacles on the track.

Cats absolutely adore this game as it provides a pretty lifelike simulation of chasing after an annoying rodent in the home or in the garden. What’s more, there are various speed settings that can ramp up the entertainment for your kitten.

  1. Kong Wobbler for cats

Traditionally, people only thought treat dispensing toys were for dogs - but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Cats love to hunt whether they are indoor or outdoor cats, and this passion is still part of their genetic makeup.

This is why the Kong Wobbler is one of the ultimate indoor kitten toys. The Kong Wobbler will keep your cat active and entertained as they attempt to elicit food from the wobbler by knocking it about.

You can even pick up two or three of these awesome games and place them around the house so that your cat has to use extra energy and exercise more to get to the different wobblers!

  1. Frolicat Bolt

Cats love chasing laser dots as well as anything else that darts along the wall. It’s a great piece of technology that will keep your kitty occupied for hours! Not only this, it’s a great toy for playing alongside your cat, as you can either manually hold the laser to dart across the wall or set it to do a variety of patterns before turning itself off after 15 minutes.

Despite the Frolicat Bolt being an awesome toy to keep your kitten fit and active, you have to remember to stop the game from time to time to allow your cat to catch a physical toy. Why? Because no matter how hard your kitten tries they will never be able to catch the laser dot and this can cause them frustration.

Three great toys for keeping them fit and entertained

Just because your cat doesn’t love the great outdoors it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be fit and entertained. What’s more, a cat needs to satisfy some of those ancestral urges like hunting that also happen to keep them really healthy!

The above three toys are perfect for covering all those bases - your indoor cat will absolutely love them!


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