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How a Brisbane aged care home made a couple’s dream come true

Brisbane grandparents Bob and Gloria Coitwere unable to physically attend their grandson’s wedding last Saturday, but that didn’t stop them from missing out on the action.

Staff at the Anglicare EM Tooth Residential Aged Care home went above and beyond to make sure their residents felt a part of the celebrations, even though they couldn’t attend in person.

The team organized a cinema-size livestream of the wedding, provided hair and make-up as well as a corsage and boutonniere, to make sure Bob and Gloria could have the best experience for the ‘once in a lifetime’ wedding.

Daughter Rosemary Allie said it was an “absolutely wonderful” event and was thrilled that her parents were able to be part of the occasion.

“My parents are in mobility chairs and with logistics of getting them to the venue and ensuring they are comfortable, we decided that it would be best if they could livestream from the home,” she said.

“I just thought that the staff would provide my parents with an Ipad to watch the wedding from their room, but they went above and beyond to ensure they felt special.”

Ms Allie said she was shocked and blown away by the lovely gesture of the Anglicare staff.

“Mum cried a few times, I saw there were a few tears in the photos that the staff provided to us after the event,” she said.

“The memories that the Anglicare staff have provided to my mum and dad will last with all of us forever. It made us so happy to see a smile on mum’s face.

“We are eternally grateful for what they did, and we truly did not expect it.”

Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Chief Operating Officer for Aged & Community Services, Nick Hansen said it was lovely that Bob and Gloria were able to be part of the action.

“Weddings are very important events, and we didn’t want Bob and Gloriato miss out on the action, so we brought their grandson’s wedding to the home,” Mr Hansen said.  

About Anglicare Southern Queensland:  

Anglicare Southern Queensland is one of Queensland’s most trusted community services and health care organisations. Founded in 1870 as the Brisbane Women and Infant's Refuge, it has grown into an inclusive and diverse not-for-profit charity delivering a broad range of services, including aged care, foster care, homelessness support and mental health and family counselling.

More than 50,000 Queenslanders are empowered by Anglicare Southern Queensland every year.  

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