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The perfect picture: what makes dream Sydney wedding photography?

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The photo album is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most important memento from any loving couple’s special day! It’s the keepsake that keeps on giving, the souvenir to saviour, and the perfect reminder of what was one of the biggest - and most joyous - occasions of this loving pair’s life together.

But what creates the perfect Sydney wedding photography? What elements are expected to produce an album that excites and delights, that gives one a warm feeling any time it is leafed through?

Here are those essential elements in all their matrimonial wonder:

  1. Capturing the love

Any professional wedding photographer knows first and foremost that you have to capture the love between the couple. This isn’t the 1910s, and these photos aren’t some dreary old affair with the a frowning couple and the groom’s equally unsmiling mother standing awkwardly to his side - today’s Sydney wedding photography should be a joyous encapsulation of the love and admiration the happy couple have for one another!

This means, and means nothing less, that the photographer must capture those loving looks, those bright eyes that say, “yes! We’re in love and we’re going for it, let’s do this!”

  1. The dream location

We Sydneysiders are lucky to live in a darling city. I mean, come on, everybody knows it’s drop dead gorgeous, with beautiful beaches, lush gardens and a harbour that puts literally every other harbour in the world to shame (forget it, Hong Kong and Stockholm!).

Such a beautiful landscape naturally makes for a pretty fabulous place to take wonderful matrimonial pics, with couples having a wealth of incredible locations to choose from in our Harbour City. Whether it’s somewhere dear to the happy couple or a location that amplifies the day’s emotion, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to scouting for pic locations in surreally beautiful Sydney!

  1. You must capture the story

Because all love is a story, and it’s the photographer’s duty to tell it on a couple’s most important day together. This includes everything from capturing the love between the couple to photographing that special moment, that one place in time that says, “yes, this couple truly loves one another, and here is the very moment that proves it”.

The ability to capture a story of love is one of the most essential elements of the perfect album, and one that any viewer can truly capture every time that gazes upon one of these magnificent mementos from this most special of days.

  1. An artist’s touch

Any true wedding photographer should be able to meet a happy couple and know how to capture the essence of the love and joy they have for one another. And, with this knowledge, they should be able to provide their own unique touch to creating an album that truly reflects this love. Whether it be particular angles, a running colour theme or some elegant artistic effects, there is always room for the artist to add their own unique brush to truly amplify the portrait!

  1. A bit of fun, of course!

Because, as we already said, weddings are not the dreary old affairs you see in old-themed movies - they are a riotous, spectacular time, and one that brings together not only the love the couple and their families have for all involved, but also the joy of everyone else attending (unless they’re a jealous party, of course…).

So, every album should have the spirit of fun and optimism that comes with such a special, unique occasion, and why not?

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