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Key Things To Do Before Choosing A Funeral Director

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When it comes to planning a funeral, there are many aspects involved in ensuring a smooth-sailing burial service or wake. However, it can get overwhelming to organise a funeral on your own while grieving, especially if the deceased is your loved one. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the right funeral home company to lighten your load during this very difficult time.

An experienced funeral director not only handles the burial requirements and other necessary arrangements but also plays a significant role in ensuring a thoughtful and organised service. Unfortunately, due to a lack of knowledge in planning a funeral and having to cope with the sudden loss of a loved one, most people tend to make hasty decisions when choosing a funeral home – resulting in higher expenditure and a disappointing experience. To help you make the right choice, here are a few things you should do before choosing a funeral director in Melbourne.

List down funeral preferences

A funeral is the living’s final opportunity to honour the life that the deceased lived. Hence, the funeral service should reflect the deceased’s values and beliefs. Make a list of what’s essential and what the deceased would have wanted. Will it be a traditional burial, a cremation process with a separate memorial, or a green funeral service? Will there be a wake? The funeral service venue and the final resting place of the deceased are also important to note down.

Once you’ve listed down all that is needed for your loved one’s funeral, research for funeral homes that cater to most, if not all, of your preferences. Choosing a funeral director this way prevents unnecessary expenditure and arguments because you won’t be blindly hiring a funeral director who can’t provide you with what you want. Not all funeral directors have the same expertise – some funeral directors specialise in eco-friendly funerals, while others are more familiar with traditional burials and wakes. There's no right or wrong way to send off your loved one so it’s important that the funeral director you choose is prepared to work with you on your requirements, especially if they are a little unconventional.

Create a realistic budget

The financial part of a funeral should not be an afterthought as it can often lead to higher expenditures. It’s easy to go over budget when organising a funeral, so it’s especially important to create a realistic budget for the type of funeral service you plan to carry out. Based on your funeral preferences, do your research on the pricing of materials and services – you’ll get a clearer picture of how much it costs to organise the type of funeral that you want. Researching will also help you compare the prices of funeral homes.

After settling on a realistic budget, talk to the funeral directors you’ve shortlisted to check if they can fulfill your requirements while staying within your budget. You can also enquire about payment options as some funeral directors will be willing to receive payments in instalments to give you a bit of breathing space and lighten your financial burden. Most funeral directors are flexible, so don’t hesitate to enquire and convey your budget. If your budget is particularly tight, look for funeral homes that specifically offer an affordable funeral service.

Check the funeral director’s credibility

While hiring someone within your budget is important, it’s equally crucial to look for a funeral director who is credible and reliable. Below are some signs that indicate a funeral director has the right skills and experience:

  • They are licensed, hold the required certifications, and belong to the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA).

  • They will keep you informed of important information about the funeral process, treatment of the deceased, fees, and other details.

  • They will guide you into making an appropriate decision based on your needs and budget.

  • They will make themselves flexible and available to tend to your requests, answer questions, and make proper arrangements as and when you require them.

  • When the day arrives, they will be a reassuring, unobtrusive presence.

Apart from credibility, it’s imperative to hire a funeral director whom you’re comfortable working with. After all, this person is going to be responsible for a very significant event in your life, and they’re going to be part of an intimate family moment. Meeting and talking with a funeral director can help you gauge how their presence makes you feel. You can also call the funeral home company and conduct a background check – look into their past experiences and whether they have positive testimonials from their previous clients.

Research options thoroughly

It’s understandable that time is limited when preparing for a funeral but you don’t have to make a hurried decision just to get it over with. Allocate a day or two to compare fees and services before shortlisting a funeral director. If it is too much work, you can ask a close friend or family member to help you with making a decision. Go with funeral directors that have been highly recommended by friends and family members, as well as online reviews. If all else fails, go with your instincts – it’s important that the funeral director makes you and your family feel cared for, safe, and secure.

It’s crucial to find a funeral director you can trust to deliver a service that meets your requirements, and by taking these steps beforehand, you can be assured that you’ll be choosing the right person to send off your loved one. Saying goodbye is incredibly personal, so make sure to do it with a funeral director in Melbourne that makes you feel at ease.


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