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Tips on Safer Surfboard Storage

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When you’ve invested money to buy the best softboards in Sydney, you want to do everything you can to keep that investment safe and secure, right? A big part of doing that is knowing all the best practices when it comes to safe and proper storage for one’s surfboard. Below are some key tips on how to look after your board when you’re not using it.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

New surfers who leave their boards outdoors in the path of direct sunlight may find sooner or later that their prized new board has started turning yellow. That’s actually the best you can hope for if you leave your board too exposed to the sun. Continued exposure to UV will weaken the board more generally, potentially leaving you vulnerable when using it out on the water.

A weakened board is more susceptible to dents, dings and other damage, and you can’t afford to pin your safety on a board without the structural integrity to properly support you while out on the water.

2. Don’t Leave it In a Vehicle

Just as the UV rays of the sun can cause serious damage to your board, so can extreme heat generally. For this reason, leaving your board inside a car is a very bad idea, even just for part of any very hot day --- which we have a lot of in Australia. On any hot day, the temperature in your car can easily reach in excess of 37-40 degrees Centigrade (100-105 degrees Fahrenheit). These are temperatures that can inflict serious structural damage to your board. The damage may even be permanent.

3. Cushion Any Edges Against Hard Surfaces

When you’re getting ready to store your board, be sure to cushion the edges to prevent dings and dents from forming if and when it impacts on any hard surface. Let’s say that you’re going to store your boards in the garage. That’s a good move, first of all, because the garage is typically darker, cooler, and free from the ravages of direct sunlight. Perfect.

However, there are still some challenges. Will your board be standing on the hard ground? Leaning against the hard wall? Is there any chance it could move while it is stored there if it is disturbed by something else you move while looking for stuff in the garage? Boards leaning on a hard surface can get dented even without additional impacts. Therefore, store it securely and stably, with any edges cushioned against hard surfaces.

4. Secure it Properly When at a Height or Upright

One way to avoid leaning the board on hard surfaces is to place it at a height. You could use a mounted frame, or load up your boards on an elevated shelf. If you do, be sure to secure the board with ropes or cables to prevent any accidents from a board falling. Even a “softboard” falling from a height could cause serious injury to someone, especially a young child. In addition, falling from wall-mounted brackets could further damage the board.

5. Ensure It’s Properly Rinsed Before Storing

If you’re setting the board aside for more than a day, then be sure to rinse it off with fresh water and allow it to dry before you do so. The salt from the seawater can have a corrosive effect on your board if it’s allowed to sit there without being removed. A simple rinse and dry before storing the board away is all that you need to do.

6. Avoid Hanging the Board by the Leash

Finally, one more habit people engage in --- sometimes on the advice of veteran surfers --- is to hang the board from its leash for convenience. We won’t deny that it’s the easiest way to hang it up but over time you will just damage your leash to the point where it can’t perform its essential job of keeping you safe while you’re out on the water.

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