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Making Memories Around Your Pool- Here Are Some Fantastic Tips to Help You Capture Those Perfect Moments

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Now you have your dream pool in your yard; it is time to make some wonderful memories. Your pool space offers a fantastic scope to take delightful pictures, and it would be a great idea to capture those special moments in the pool.

It doesn't matter whether you host a family party or friends pool party. These are special occasions that you feel like reliving sometime in the future. In other words, parties, particularly those you throw by your pool, are nostalgic, which you would love to look back at later in life. It is, therefore, significant to capture those moments.

Wait, we are not limiting our discussion here to pool parties alone. You can enjoy family pool time and capture those moments as well. Pictures of your near and dear ones swimming in the pool or lazing beside you are also precious.

Wondering how to do it? Well, you don’t need to worry much about it. Capturing perfect moments in the pool requires some preparation, and that is what we are going to talk about here. Continue reading to understand what you need to capture memorable pool moments.

Before the photography

It doesn’t matter which device you are using to take pictures, you will be able to capture special moments and make memories. Set up your camera and tech to take full advantage of the lighting and angles. However, if you are using a smartphone, you will need to move around to get those perfect shots.

Having a drone to click pool pictures would be a fantastic idea too. Get that in place before you miss extraordinary moments. Pool toys are another inclusion you can consider before your family or friends enter the water.

Organize your pool area

What does it mean by organizing your pool area before the photo session?

Well, it simply means removing all the unwanted items in the pool space. Remove the garden and pool equipment from the area. Roll up the pool cover and keep it aside. Make sure there are no broken toys or accessories around that might hamper the quality or focus of your photos. Further, have the pool cleaned and ensure to shut your pool gates before taking the photos.

Clear the clutter, scruffy branches, distractions, pool slime, debris, and calcium buildup. If you want, you can style the outdoor furniture to be included in the photos.

A neat and tidy pool area offers a wonderful opportunity to click mind-blowing pictures. Such a space allows you to focus on the core of your pictures, while the photo appeal remains unmatched.

Capture unplanned moments

If you are holding a camera or phone in your hand to click pool photos, you should be on your toes. You never know when you get that perfect candid shot. The smiles of joy, unexplained laughter, and fun moments can make great pictures. Make sure not to miss them.

If you are looking to get some nice photos to post on your social media accounts, ask a family member to click a picture when you are stylishly swimming in the pool. You can also take a selfie with your family/friends and click a few when relaxing beside the pool.

Want more? Take pictures of you enjoying a BBQ meal beside the pool, with a glass of wine in your hand. Sounds stunning, ah?

Pool Photos

If you are an experienced photographer, well, we don’t need to teach you how to click pictures around your family fibreglass pools. You know the best angles and lighting and are aware of how to use your camera. However, if you are new to photography or a casual photographer, you can check out the internet or social media pages of pool companies to draw inspiration.

Try clicking some pool pictures from different angles under varied weather conditions. This will help you understand the quality of photos you get under different conditions.

If you are considering taking photos of your whole pool, you can either use a drone or a high-end camera. You can take close-up superior quality photos from your smartphone though you can’t cover the entire pool.

Cover the water features, the landscaping, and pavers to add a dash of style to your photos.

Share your pool photos

After taking some outstanding pool photos, share them on your social media pages. You might receive excellent reviews from your friends and followers, while there may be some valuable suggestions too. Take them in a positive stride and fine-tune your pool photography skills.

You can also share your pool photos with your pool company. At The Fibreglass Pool Company, we encourage our customers to share their fun moments in the pool with us. We are eager to know how our clients are enjoying our pool.

Our pools feature top-class quality, style, and design and can absolutely look gorgeous in any photo. So, be it a formal gathering by the pool, a casual friends pool party, or simply your kids playing in the pool, our pools can simply look fabulous in the clicks.

To take the best pool photos, we suggest you use a DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens. This camera allows for manual adjustment while being able to cover the entire pool with clarity and sharpness. Android phones and iPhones are good options, too but have limited focus.

What are you waiting for? Clean up your pool, pick up your camera and wait for the perfect moments. Make unforgettable memories with your loved ones; you'll be glad to have preserved those moments when you look back on them years later.

Buy a pool and start making memories

A backyard with a swimming pool is great. If you already have one, start exploring your photography skills right away. If you are yet to buy a pool and looking at options, visit us to gain a deeper understanding of the pool types and designs.

Buy with us and make memories with your close ones by taking impressive photos in and around our pool.


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