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5 Myths about Retirement Village

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Retiring from your job doesn't mean the end of your active lifestyle. If you're retiring soon, you can opt for a retirement village where you get to live with people at the same stage of life as you.

Retirement villages are for senior citizens seeking a place where they can form new friendships and stay active. It is ideal for people that want a secure, healthy, and relaxed environment after they have retired. 

While retirement villages are great, many don't see them as a welcome idea due to several myths. One common myth is that they are unaffordable. In the following article, we will be debunking 5 myths about retirement villages.

Myth 1: Retirement Villages are Depressing

Nothing could be further from the truth. Contradicting this myth, another myth talks about retirement villages having too many recreational activities.

In reality, retirement villages are fun and can chase away the blues of missing the office. Rather than be holed up in your apartment, you can indulge in recreational activities like indoor gardening and golf. Also, you get to meet people in your age bracket and find new friends.

Myth 2: They Are Too Expensive

There's no doubt that quality services are often on the high side. Good retirement homes with adequate facilities and conducive environments are expensive but worth it.

Compared to living in an average community where you'd have to pay property tax or mortgages, a retirement village is actually cheaper. Also, many retirement villages hold seminars on cutting down on the cost of living to assist further. 

Myth 3: Retirement Villages are Only for Old People

You may be in your early 50s and not planning to retire in the next five years and wondering why you need a retirement community. You don't have to be a senior before living in a retirement community. Also, a retirement community isn't the same as a nursing home where dependent senior citizens are cared for round the clock.

Furthermore, planning for your retirement shouldn't be put off until you're old and grey. Now that you're still independent, it's best to plan to move into a retirement community. When you stay in a retirement community, you get to enjoy some benefits like fitness classes and excellent daily meals.

Myth 4: Moving into a Retirement Village Takes Way Your Freedom

Many people believe that living in retirement villages takes away your freedom. A retirement village is a secure community for people who want to be with other people their age, different from a nursing home or an aged care facility.

People opt for retirement villages when they're older because of their security. Retirement villages often have trained security personnel and are gated. Also, there are no restrictions on your movement. You may see retirement villages as an estate but with active older people.

Additionally, to thoroughly debunk this myth, retirement villages allow you to visit your family, go on holidays and even have guests.

Myth 5: I'm Not Retired Yet, So I Can't Live in a Retirement Village

Working while living in a retirement village is possible. While it's called a retirement reason because it's a place to relax during your retirement, you don't have to stop your job. Many people that live in retirement villages either work full-time, volunteer, or have part-time work.

In addition to this, if you wish to continue your job, your retirement village won't hinder you. You're not being monitored or forced to quit while living in the retirement village.

Many people dread mentioning retirement homes because it makes them feel old or dependent. While many retirement villages offer healthcare services to residents, they aren't nursing homes for the aged. Instead, a retirement home is a safe place where senior citizens can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.


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