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Tips to Consider When Traveling With Kids

As parents, we want to show our kids the world if there's an opportunity for it, or at least take them for a mountain hike for fresh air or let them explore the beach and soak up the sun. Whichever destination we end up choosing, there are bound to be a million questions when travelling with kids. Have we packed extra clothes and the right shoes? Are they ready for their first flight or should we go by car? Have we brought all the vital medications? Are they too young/old for this trip? Will they enjoy as much as we want them to or was it all a waste of time?

Having in mind that travelling with kids is a challenging adventure, you mustn't allow the stress to kick in. Therefore, to make travelling with kids an exciting and educative endeavour you need to be well prepared, take into account numerous items, plan the journey and activities, and enjoy it all together. Sounds difficult, right? Well, here is a detailed guide on all things you should consider when traveling with kids no matter if you are choosing domestic or international travel. Read on.

Research the destination in detail

The first rule of thumb is to choose the destination depending on your children's age and their readiness. Seek information from other people, friends, or family who have already experienced such a journey and ask for advice. However, the safest way to check which destination would suit your family the best is to do market research and gather comprehensive information. Contact various tour agencies, and read various parent's blogs to see what are the most popular destinations, and similar. Avoid too hot and humid places as well as too cold destinations, and always aim to put cleanliness and easy access to amenities such as supermarkets in the first place.

Pick out the right accommodation

For some, camping at the Blue Mountain Natural Park with kids, letting them immerse in nature, sleeping in a tent, walking in the wilderness, and forcing children to bond with nature is a great starting point when you want to bring children on a holiday for the first time. People who do that tend to stay away from the crowds because perhaps their children are far too noisy. Luckily, you don't have to worry about that as there are plenty of places around vast Australia where you can unwind with your little ones and not worry about the tourists. For instance, if you were to check out Hunter Valley accommodation offers, you would see plenty of remote small huts situated in the cozy valley ideal for children. The property that you choose will determine the mood you will generate on the vacation so don't compensate for the quality of the accommodation.

Come up with a steady packing technique

Travelling with kids involves bringing a lot of clothes (read 'spare' clothes) which entails that packing everything in two or three suitcases would be a real burden. But this doesn't have to be the case. Another utterly vital point to consider when travelling with the kids is learning how to pack diligently. First, make sure to make a list of all things necessary and then prepare them upfront. Second, put all things in one pile and re-check if you have all the things needed. Start packing by rolling certain clothes, such as underwear, or things that don't require ironing, to fit more things in a suitcase. And lastly, try not to overpack. Packing things that are not vital for the trip can add up the stress, especially when you figure out you cannot bring back souvenirs from your trip home as the suitcase is overpacked.

Think about entertainment

First of all, children do not still have a sense of time, and unless they are having super fun, they are bound to be cranky and make the whole trip nerve-wracking and unenjoyable. This doesn't indicate that you have to make it fun all through the way, just have a few entertainment tricks up your sleeve. If you are travelling by car, you can bring along some colouring pads and crayons to draw, and keep kids occupied by breaking their favourite soft toys and playing with them. Another great idea, suitable for any type of travel, is to play a 20-question game and come up with some interesting guessing games and quizzes. If you happen to travel with a baby, you won't need to come up with various entertainment features, just have your smartphone nearby to play some lullaby.

Don't forget about snacks

One of the most pivotal things when travelling with kids is bringing some snacks for the road in case they get hungry. To control their bowel movement and avoid having any 'mishaps' on your travels avoid giving them dairy and processed food as it's hard for the stomach. Crisps, chips, nuts, and peanuts are a better option. When kids are nimble on crisps they are also entertained so it does help pass the time. However, most people worry about having trash around the car, train, or plane, kids spilling juice around, and then having to worry about where to put the trash, and so on, which usually tends to be another worry for the parents. Luckily, there is a solution for that as well. As an attentive parent, you can make some nutritional, protein-rich sandwiches or rye crackers that are not hard on the stomach. Also, it's advisable to pack some fruit such as bananas, apples, and a healthy chocolate bar to kickstart their mood.

Check passports

It's one thing to forget an extra pair of shoes, but it's another dimension to forget your and your children's passports. Even if you remember to pack them when you set off on your travels, don't risk getting rejected for entrance in a foreign country if your passport has expired. That's right, aim to check all the family's documents, especially passports to ensure they have at least 6 months validity before you set out on your travels. Besides this, ensure that you have copies of all vital documents, get consent from the other parent if you are travelling as a single parent, acquire travel insurance for all family members, and see whether you would need a visa or some special guarantee entry to a foreign country.

Take it easy

Once you have all the vital documents in order, selected the best accommodation and booked it upfront, sorted out the travel insurance and found an eligible destination as well, and selected the best transport option for the family, the time has come to unwind. Don't rush to the airport, but rather take it slow to avoid piling up unnecessary stress. Last but not least, tell relatives and friends where you are going and give them the hotel's contact information to stay informed and secure.

Travelling with kids doesn't have to be a burden, on the contrary, make it a pleasant and memorable experience by following the above-mentioned steps and ensuring great fun.

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