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Everything You Need to Know About 4WD Awnings in Australia

  • Written by Annie Wall

Are you new to outdoor life in Australia? Spending time outdoors is something almost all Australians love to do.

The Australian continent has so much to offer. Once you are prepared, you can travel almost anywhere in Australia. It is true - Australia has got it all.

If you are planning to travel around Australia, there are a few things you will need. First of all, you need a good vehicle. Secondly, you need to get yourself kitted out with everything from hiking socks to the 4WD awnings. As all Australians know, protecting yourself from the elements is important.

What Is the Best 4WD Awning?

The best 4WD awning is not always the one that you pay the most money for. It is the one that fits your purposes.

If you are not sure that an outdoor lifestyle is for you, you may not want to invest in the best car awning.

When you do discover you love camping and 4WD lie, you can buy the best 4WD awning Australia. There is always someone who is willing to pay you cash for your old one, I would recommend to visit Adventurerz to see the reviews and pros and cons of each 4WD awning.

In other words, your 4WD awning should always fit your purposes. The best car awning is the one that protects your from the sun as well as the rain.

How to Find the Best 4WD Awnings in Australia?

You can pick up car awnings in outdoor shops. The downside is that buying awnings for cars in shops is expensive.

Shopping online is the best way to get better value for money. Plus you get a better selection when you shop for vehicle awnings on the Internet.

You don't have to worry about dragging your 4x4 awning home. Instead, your new awning is delivered direct to your home.

Should you spend a lot of time reading car awning reviews? Well, you should spend some time reading reviews. More than anything, you should make a list of your personal requirements when it comes to your awning. Are you a beach bum or outback adventurer?

How Do You Make A Car Awning?

Can making your own car awning save you money? There are those who have had a go.

To be honest, most have failed miserably. You need a special sewing machine and you may have to weather proof your awning. Getting hold of the right materials is not easy.

When you want to best 4x4 awning, and one that you can rely on, is to go ahead and shop for one on sites specialising in the best car awnings.

What Is a 4WD Awning?

The best way to describe an a car awning is as a large shade sail.

A good one offers your both high SPF protection from the sun and water-proofing from rain. As we all know, the sun does not always shine in Australia. It can really rain.

When you read a 4WD awning review, make sure the awning s as versatile as possible. Accessories are important. For instance, you should be able to buy walls for extra protection.

When To Use a 4WD Awning?

Awnings for cars should be easy to use.
You should be able to use them when you stop for a break or for lunch.

Basically, an awning should be user-friendly enough to make you feel you can pop it up at any time. If it is too hot or too wet, your the best awning for 4WD adventure should be easy to "deploy" when you need it.

Think about it as an umbrella that protects both you and your vehicle.

Pros and Cons of 4WD Awning

Are there any pros and cons to 4WD awnings?

To be fair, there is mainly pros to 4WD awnings. You may have noticed that when someone pulls up in one of those fancy motor homes, the first thing they do is to deploy an awning. Often it is automatic. It provides instant shade.


  • Extra protection from the elements
  • Helps to keep you cool
  • Adds a touch of privacy


  • You have to pack them away and drag them around with you

When you read 4x4 awning reviews, one of the most important details you should check is the weight. Could you handle setting up and taking down the awning on your own?

Components of An Awning

Awnings used to be simply made out of canvas, wood and metal.

These days, awnings are made out of acrylic as it is a more durable fabric. They consist of a frame with supporting poles, clips to fit on to your roof rack and a large piece of canvas.

They are treated to make them water-proof and increase the protection from UV rays.

How To Choose the Best 4WD Awning

The best awning for 4WD is the one that fits all of your purposes. In short, you want your

awnings to be as versatile as possible.

One important things to consider as for as 4WD awnings Australia go, is sun protection. The Australian sun is fierce and can easily affect adversely you if you don't protect yourself from it.

Most awnings are water-proof as well as having a high SPF rating.

When you buy your awning make sure you can add accessories to it. You may not want to do it straight away. But, once you have been enjoying outdoor life in Australia for a while, you will start to appreciate how important all of those extra comforts are when you camp.

The best 4x4 awnings Australia all come with accessories you can buy at the time or later.

The Best 4 WD Awning in Australia

This is a short list of the best awnings 4x4 available in Australia:

Darche Eclipse - this is an Australian made awning which has a lot to offer the experienced as well as the newbie outdoor adventurer. Accessories are easy to get hold of and it offers excellent protection.

Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning - a great awning from a trusted manufacturer. This awning is often found hard at work in the African brush. Excellent awning and easy to set up.

Foxwing 4 WD Awning 270 - you get plenty of cover with the Foxwing awning. If you have a large 4x4 vehicle, it is one of the best awnings you can buy.

 Base Awning XTM Awning - More of a budget awning but perfect for newbies. Offers good protection for both the vehicle and you.

XT MAX Awning - a more compact awning. Great for when you have a smaller 4x4.


Car awnings Australia are a must whether you are going out in the bush or spending a day by the beach.

Ask yourself how much protection you need and how often you are going to use your awning. Once you get into spending time outdoors, you will soon realise how important it is to have a good awning.

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