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Is It Safe To Get A Dental Implant Done In Diabetes?

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Yes, dental implants can be comfortably carried out to replace missing teeth, even in diabetic patients. That said, diabetes is a minor contraindication for these types of treatment. The rate of failure of populations free of diabetes is slightly higher. Dentist in Blackburn will take utmost care to treat patients with co-morbidities and treat them with utmost care and ensure the process is successful. This post will discuss if it is safe for diabetes patients to get a dental implant done. 

Why Is Dental Implant A Cause Of Concern For Diabetic Patients? 

Among one of the prevalent lifestyle disorders in today's time and age is diabetes, where your body sheds its capacity to manage the blood sugar levels in your body. With various other factors and their impact on our bodies, diabetes is known to reduce our healing. With this arises additional concerns that one may have regarding other treatments that need to be taken to maintain their health. Especially surgical procedures which where it is vital that the body heals after the treatment.  

One such treatment that people are sceptical about is the dental implant. The problem is that while diabetes is wrecking your total health and wellness, missing out on teeth can create the circumstance to intensify with time. You see, missing out on a tooth can trigger your cheeks to droop and also bring more indications of aging to your face than age itself can.  

Additionally, dental implants require at least six months to recover and are titanium posts inserted right into your jawbone. Thus, diabetes might position a significant issue for individuals looking to obtain implants. 

Result Of Diabetes On Dental Implant 

Dental implants rely on the body's recovery power so that the titanium post can be incorporated right into the jawbone. It is complied with by the gums recovering around the dental implant. This healing procedure makes the implant look like a natural tooth and an extra long-term solution than bridges and dentures. Unfortunately, while implants have a truly high success rate (95%), they can also fail if appropriate care is not taken. And also, a hidden condition like diabetes can dramatically minimize the success rate. 

Is Dental Implant Safe?

Yes, you can get a dental implant if your diabetes is properly controlled and your overall health is excellent. Bridges and dentures are considerably less effective at healing and adhering to a diabetes-based eating regimen than dental implants. In conclusion, dental implants are safe for patients who have diabetes. However, it is far more important to safeguard and monitor your health before receiving them. A thorough examination is required before the tooth implant operation.  


Since the usual understanding is that dental implants require at least six months to recover and are titanium post placed into your jawbone, diabetes might pose a significant problem for individuals looking to obtain implants. However, you can get a dental implant if your diabetes is well-controlled and your health and wellness are fully in your favour. 


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