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Why it’s important to choose the right plastic surgeon for your treatment

  • Written by NewsCo

Receiving plastic surgery can be a little bit daunting, but one of the best parts about elective surgery is having an extra level of control over the procedure. It’s your choice when it comes to who performs the surgery, and you will get to inspect the facility and meet the staff beforehand.

One thing that is important to remember is that you are the first person to consult regarding what you want out of treatment. Once you know what you want, discuss it with your plastic surgeon in Sydney to develop a strategy that will achieve these results.

Getting the best results from the right surgeon

The results of plastic surgery can have a very positive effect on your physical or emotional wellbeing. To avoid the risk of costly revisions and to manage your expectations, you want to apply diligence to the process, as well taking the time to research your potential plastic surgeon. Credentials aren’t the only thing that separates a good plastic surgeon from a subpar one.

Assurance & safety

You want to know a bit about your plastic surgeon as they will be your partner on this personal journey. You want to ensure that they have the proper Australian certification that means they have undergone extensive training, have the skills and knowledge required to develop the best treatment plan and will avoid the risk of unfavourable outcomes and minimise risk factors by incorporating the highest level of surgical precision.

A fully-qualified and highly experienced plastic surgeon is exceptionally capable to perform reconstructive or cosmetic procedures. Furthermore, maintaining their certification ensures the surgeon is up to date with the skills, knowledge and procedures that people require in modern plastic surgery. Choosing a highly certified plastic surgeon can provide you with ample peace of mind regarding your treatment.

Ongoing relationship

You may be really happy with the results of your plastic surgery and would like to receive further treatment down the line. Therefore, it is worthwhile to develop an ongoing relationship with a reputable plastic surgeon. You will have to attend follow-up appointments during your recovery period, or occasional non-invasive treatments to help rejuvenate your appearance, or complimentary services to assist the healing process, including dermal fillers to lift and plump, personalised skincare regimens and assistance in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Expertise & experience

It is important to research and find a plastic surgeon that has plenty of experience in treating the body area you want to have treated. You should read into the surgeon to find out of their area of expertise matches the treatment you are looking for. Check out the “before and after” images of other patients to find out if the results of their treatments were successful. Find out how long your surgeon has been a specialist in their field, and how many times they have performed the procedure you are looking to have conducted.

Emotional communication & trust

Creating an emotional connection with your plastic surgeon and support staff builds confidence and trust while reducing any worry that comes with receiving cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery isn’t just a physical treatment - it takes on the person as a whole and requires emotional support as a result.

The importance of caring staff

Are the staff helpful, responsive, caring and attentive? Do they make you feel welcome as soon as you enter the clinic. A clinic that is providing and staff who are welcoming help facilitate a smooth, positive treatment process.


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