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Why the Simple Act of Breathing Is an Underrated Tool for Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Written by Damien Thomas

After spending 20 years in the field of psychology and war crimes investigations in some of the world’s most challenging environments, stress and anxiety quickly became my constant companions. I’ve spent years in countries facing adversity and high risk situations, so managing my own emotions became not just important, but a complete and utter necessity.

During this time though I discovered something incredible - the transformative effects of the simple act of breathing. It’s a common misconception that breathing is a ‘set and forget’ physical reaction to stay alive when in fact, breathing correctly, in a way that is intended to mitigate stress and anxiety, is a learned skill.

It quickly became evident to me that breathing in the right way could profoundly impact emotional regulation. It was an epiphany that changed the course of my career and life. 

My experiences in the field led me to realise that this knowledge, this skill, could benefit everyone, not just individuals in high-stress situations like mine. The challenge, however, was getting people to adopt and maintain proper breathing practices regularly, especially during moments of extreme stress and anxiety. 

And after years of design, production and development, I am now proud to be the founder of bobi - a device that seeks to bridge this gap. Standing for ‘breathe out, breathe in’ - bobi isn’t just another gadget. It’s a tangible, portable solution that physically synchronises breathing with the device, making it easier for people to incorporate proper breathing into their lives. 

bobi is not just a device. It’s a lifeline

An honest representation of my belief in the transformative power of proper breathing, bobi is designed to help people manage their stress and anxiety effectively. I am positively thrilled that the device won a Gold Award at the recent Australian Good Design Awards - it’s a testament to the hard work and innovation my team and I have poured into this product. 

Winning a Gold Award at the Australian Good Design Awards is a testament to the hard work and innovation my team and I have poured into this product. 

bobi’s three settings - two and a half seconds, four seconds, and five and a half seconds - allow users to start at their comfort level and gradually extend their breath. The ultimate goal is to achieve the optimal breathing rate of five and a half seconds in, and five and a half seconds out. 

Beyond stress and anxiety management, bobi champions optimal breathing as a foundational skill for holistic wellbeing. It offers stress alleviation, versatility, a comfort-centric design, and swift integration into daily routines. The tactile guidance and targeted stimulation it provides make it an effective tool for fostering better breathing habits.

bobi isn't just about managing stress; it's about improving overall wellbeing. It also plays a pivotal role in enhancing grip and hand strength, which is becoming increasingly recognised as a key health marker.

A personalised approach for everyone

We’ve designed bobi to be versatile and personalisable, with interchangeable palm pads to cater to individual preferences. It operates on three foundational principles: sight, touch, and guidance, which are crucial in enhancing breathing coaching and fostering active learning.

With all of this in mind, I truly believe bobi is poised to change the way people manage stress and anxiety. I know firsthand that when you’re in the throes of anxiety, or you work in a high stress environment, something is needed to ground you and help you get back on your feet. It’s my sincere hope that bobi will become a trusted companion on the journey to managing anxiety and stress for individuals from all walks of life. 

Damien Thomas is the founder of bobi, a groundbreaking health and wellness tool designed to teach individuals how to breathe properly to manage stress and anxiety.


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