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Selling Your Motorhome on Consignment? Read This First

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Given the degree of freedom and control you have over your activities, schedule, and resources, living the motorhome lifestyle is a joy in and of itself. You also have the convenience of not being tied down to one place because you are free to travel and discover new places for a lower price while only having to answer to yourself.

But eventually, you might have to give up your recreational vehicle. While some motorhome holidaymakers choose to retire from the lifestyle, others feel the need to replace their RVs with the most recent models. Now, "what happens to their old vehicle?" is the question that pops into our heads.

The obvious solution would be to sell it, but due to the time and effort required, selling an RV on your own can be difficult. Naturally, not all motorhome owners may have the luxury of going through this procedure. If you fall under this category of RV owners, you might want to think about hiring a consignment agent to handle the motorhome sale on your behalf. Everything you need to know about motorhome consignment will be covered in this article.

Motorhome consignment explained

When we look at the word "consignment," which means giving someone the duty of handling a task, we can better understand what motorhome consignment is. RV consignment in this context refers to selecting or appointing a consignment agency, such as a trusted motorhome dealership with the selling your vehicle. The consignment shop levies a fee in addition to the proceeds from selling the vehicle.

Why sell your recreational vehicle on consignment?

The following factors highlight how advantageous motorhome consignment is to the owner of an RV:

  1. Short selling period: Finding a buyer takes longer when you try to sell your motorhome on your own. With consignment, it is different because they have a network that enables them to quickly find buyers. Additionally, it is possible that an existing buyer was looking for a motorhome prior to your vehicle going into consignment. As a result, you can sell your vehicle more quickly.

  2. Profits: These advantages can work both ways; selling your motorhome yourself may result in higher profits, but it may also result in losses. In contrast, consignment guarantees profits because you gave the motorhome to the consignment agent with a target selling price.

Guidelines for Motorhome Consignment

When using the services of a motorhome consignment agency, there are specific things to keep in mind. They consist of:

  1. Experience: Make sure the agency you are hiring has the experience to back up its claims.

  2. Security: You only grant the consignment agency custody of your car; you continue to be liable for any damages that aren't fixed before a sale. Therefore, check to see if the company has a reliable security system and take precautions to secure your car.

  3. Reputation: When conducting your research, this should be used in addition to the experience criteria. You need a company with a solid reputation.

  4. Consignment insurance: As was already mentioned, you are still in charge of your car until it is sold. Therefore, cover your car with consignment insurance. Keep in mind that consignment risks are not covered by standard insurance.


Motorhome consignments are a quick and profitable way to sell your RV without the hassle, and this article has highlighted what you need to know about them.


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